International Safety Quality Environment Management Association (ISQEM)

As a UK registered non-profit making association, we maintain our professional status within the international community. Our Members are leading the way around the world working within national and international organisation. We offer membership to both individuals and companies. This is your chance to make a difference, join one of the fastest growing professional associations connected with Safety, Quality and Environment Management. Personal Membership applications are now closed until May 2017. This is due to new professional membership grades that have been recommended by its members and board of Directors as future membership criteria. Make sure you visit us again in May and make sure that you join us online as a new member and enjoy the new improved ISQEM.

Company details

Business Type:
Nonprofit organization (NPO)
Industry Type:
Environmental - Environmental Management
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Become part of a leading International Safety Quality Environment Management Association.

ISQEM  is fully international with thousands of  members from across the world including UK, USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, India, Middle East, Far East, and South America. Who have joined together to ensure that the three main key areas of management Safety, Quality and Environment are being raised and improved globally.

ISQEM have established five key areas of interest connected with the Association's aims and objectives.

  1. Consultation and sharing of professional knowledge between members and other interested parties.
  2. Sharing of documents and publications.
  3. Conducting conferences and seminars on an international basis to promote Safety, Quality and Environmental management..
  4. Training and development within the Safety Quality and Environmental Fields.
  5. Improvement of the working environment and advancement of safety and quality within the workplace.
Membership Criteria Changing in December 2016
ISQEM would like to announce that its not accepting any new applications as it is changing its membership criteria for 2017. We will be setting new guidelines for professional membership based on the feedback from our members and the Board of Directors of ISQEM.  We are looking forward to 2017 with a brand new change to ISQEM and its membership, including training and recruitment functions. Make sure you visit us again in May and join as a new member online.

Coming soon;

New development programme and support for those looking at starting a consultancy business or even improving their present turnover. Learn how to become a well known brand and grow your clients to a level that will make you a business success.  We will bring you a worlds first as professional membership association. Don't miss this opportunity as it is limited to a strict quota of applicants to ensure full support is given.  Email  stating Consultancy in your subject heading to register your interest in receiving further details.


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