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  • Low Temp. Concrete Patch Kit

    Low Temp. Concrete Patch Kit

    Fast setting concrete patch repair with ability to be used in freezing temperatures during repairs. These patch products can be used to repair and for resurfacing concrete in freezer floor areas where the temperature must be below freezing point during and after application. Excellent as outside patch during freezing or during winter conditions. Packed in 5 gallon bucket which also serves as mixing bucket. Stock item available for immediate UPS...

  • Power-Patch Concrete Epoxy Kit (Grey)

    Power-Patch Concrete Epoxy Kit (Grey)

    A concrete crack patch repair kit packed in a 5 gallon mixing bucket and includes epoxy resin, hardener, and aggregate for the strongest possible repairs for patch and resurfacing on concrete. This 100% epoxy concrete patch & repair kit is used on plant floors, garage floor, sidewalks, driveways, basement floor. bricks, stones, steps and walls applications. Excellent also for use on floor areas which are subjected to heavy abrasive traffic, high...

  • Rapid Concrete Patch Kit

    Rapid Concrete Patch Kit

    Rapid Patch for when you need the area up and running right away with very little curing wait time. A Super fast drying concrete patching kit with a 5 gallon pail, resin & hardener with aggregate for quick repairs where down time is a concern. Rapid Patch can be used on plant floors, sidewalks, driveways, basement floors, bricks and stones, steps and walls, etc. A patch kit ideal for situations where minimal down time is required. Ready for...