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  • Asian Journal of Water, Environment and Pollution

    Asian Journal of Water, Environment and Pollution

    Asia, as a whole region, faces severe stress on water availability, primarily due to high population density. Many regions of the continent face severe problems of water pollution on local as well as regional scale and these have to be tackled with a pan-Asian approach. However, the available literature on the subject is generally based on research done in Europe and North America. Therefore, there is an urgent and strong need for an Asian ...

  • Climate Law

    Climate Law

    A complex legal regime has evolved to frame climate governance, encompassing interconnected public international law, transnational law and private law elements. At the core of the international effort remain the UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol, which have spawned innovative features such as carbon trading mechanisms and a sophisticated compliance regime. Municipal legislative action dealing with mitigation and adaptation is gathering pace.

  • Environmental Policy and Law

    Environmental Policy and Law

    This international journal has created to encourage and develop the exchange of information and experience on all legal, administrative and policy matters relevant to the human and natural environment: air, water and soil pollution as well as waste management, the conservation of flora and fauna, protected areas and land-use control, development and conservation of the world's non-renewable resources.