IQPC Middle East, Africa and South Asia

IQPC Middle East, Africa and South Asia

Each year IQPC offers approximately 2,000 worldwide conferences, seminars, and related learning programs. IQPC now has offices in major cities across six continents including: Berlin, Dubai, London, New York, Sao Paulo, Singapore, India, Sydney and Toronto. IQPC leverages a global research base of best practices to produce an unrivalled portfolio of problem-solving conferences.

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8th Floor, Commercial Tower 1, Dubai Studio City , Dubai , United Arab Emirates
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Globally (various continents)
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'Innovation is the design and development of something new, as yet unknown and not in existence, which will establish a new economic configuration out of the old, known, existing elements” Peter.F.Drucker

Sharing Business Solutions…

At its core IQPC is a global business to business event company that has embraced the digital age. We are the go to source for online and offline events, information, education, networking, and promotion for executives across an extensive range of industries and professions.

We create a blend of live & digital events that drives corporate innovation.

We give access to practical insights, we embrace external trends and move at speed – These trends are not hard to spot, but they can be difficult for organizations to embrace. We help organizations embrace these trends and ride the tail wind they deliver for innovation.

We are customer obsessed! Helping executives and organizations achieve a lasting impact. We experiment bravely, accept failures, plant new ideas, protect new concepts, and invest when we see customer success.

We are people driven… Yep it’s stressful but we also have fun! You can read more about some of our amazing people at our blog.

Our mission – We believe in sharing global business solutions. We are building events and online communities with the world’s leading business experts that inspire corporate innovation.

In fact, everything we do — from our events to our online communities is driven by this goal. Sharing business solutions.

From Small Beginnings...

IQPC now has offices in: Berlin, Doha, Dubai, London, Miami, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Tampa and Toronto. IQPC leverages a global research base of best practices to produce an unrivalled portfolio of problem-solving conferences, data products and online communities.

Each year IQPC offers approximately 2,000 conferences worldwide as well as webinars, online events and related online programs. You can search our full list of events here.

Planning Ahead to Stay Ahead

Today, we create a total, continuous learning experience for delegates and online community members, and a powerful new business development channel for our sponsors.

We are using digital connectivity to transform the customer experience and reshape our products and services. Allowing customers to interact with us in new ways by engaging our attendees in 365 day blended learning and networking opportunities in their chosen fields. We integrate access to cutting edge research, white papers, webinars, online events, content rich videos, infographics and e-newsletters into our events through online portals providing extraordinary benefits for both delegates and sponsors. You can review our full list of online communities here.

Sharing Business Solutions…

Every enterprise must look after the fundamentals and manage for tomorrow. Indeed, every enterprise now needs to find what should be done and how to go about doing it.

IQPC's customers want solutions to their problems. Solutions that have met the concrete test of application. That's why we've always believed that our mission and business purpose is to provide proven and tested solutions that improve an organization's productive capacity and performance.

Inspiring Thought Leaders & Stellar Speakers

We invite leading executives and academics to share insights, expertise and solutions to today's escalating challenges. Simply put: Our conferences and communities provide the fundamental and cutting-edge information you can use immediately.

IQPC also ensures our delegates are introduced to inspiring thought leaders and stellar speakers; Raymond “Ray” Kurzweil, American author, computer scientist, inventor and futurist, General Colin Powell, Retired US Secretary od State, Jack Welch, former Mayor of New York, Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, And from ‘Shark Tank fame, both Robert Herjavec, CEO & Founder of Herjavec Group and Barbara Corcoran, Chairman & CEO of Barbara Corcoran Inc are just a few of IQPC's most recent keynotes.

We conduct exhaustive research into our speaking panels, only inviting domain experts with practical knowledge or peer reviewed research that can solve your current challenges. From Digital Disruption events in Sydney, Oil and Gas events in Dubai, Call Center events in Las Vegas, Autonomous Vehicle events in Germany, Corporate Learning Exchanges in Tampa, Process Excellence conferences in London and CX Summits in Singapore, IQPC transfers expertise around the world, keeping its delegates competitive, profitable and delivering maximum ROI.


X Will Mark the Spot Where You Once Sat, Unless...

  • Available knowledge will double in six years. Once products had a market life of 15 years. Now it's less than four.
  • If you spend eight hours a day reading all the material directed at you, at the end of the year you'll be six months behind in your reading.
  • More than ever, business survival and success require being compatible with a rapidly arriving and disruptive future.
  • Learning is thinking with other people's ideas. Experience teaches us how to cut down on mistakes. But none of us has time for continuous trial-and-error learning. We must learn from others.

The Message Is Clear...

IQPC's conference producers have day-in, day-out working contact with experts and your peers. Our conferences are based on firsthand, intimate knowledge of what's going on in a specific subject, functional specialty or industry.

Further, we have working relationships (and media partnerships) with the Harvard Business Review, MIT's Sloan Management Review, and dozens of other niche-based publications. These relationships help us identify cutting-edge solutions that have significant value to participants.

We believe creative imitation of best practices is a sure-fire recipe for success and organized improvements. That's what benchmarking against the best is all about. If you're looking for the latest and the best in fail-safe techniques, tools, technologies and processes, look no further. Our authoritative, powerful conferences arm you with step-by-step methodologies that help you do your job better, in less time, and with far greater impact.

Essentially... We help you do your job better. Through our community members you are able to connect with other like-minded executives to help each other solve problems, share best practice and stay connected all year round.

Start your journey by selecting your event, or join one of our online communities.

Our speakers learned it the hard way, so you don't have to! Your presenters are seasoned professionals who know first-hand what works and what doesn't work. Proven and practical experience is the basis for every aspect of an IQPC conference

You'll have a 'once in a blue moon' opportunity to swap ideas with your peers from a wide variety of organizations. You'll have ample time for one-on-one discussions that will inevitably lead to extended networking opportunities for sharing knowledge