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  • VOC Leak Detection Services

    VOC Leak Detection Services

    Fugitive gas emissions cost companies' money and time to locate. On an annual basis vast sums of hard earned revenue are being invested in the identification and tagging of these leaks as part of companies LDAR (Leak Detection and Repair) programmes. Fugitive emissions typically account for about 50% of total hydrocarbon (THC) emissions from process plants. A study by the API found that over 90% of controllable fugitive emissions come from only about...

  • Compressed Air Leak Surveys Services

    Compressed Air Leak Surveys Services

    Compressed air is one of the most costly utilities in a facility today, unfortunately many plants are in operation with huge leakage rates and many are unaware of these costly leakages. A simple program of leak inspection and repair can go a long way towards reducing excessive energy costs.

  • Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) Services

    Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) Services

    IRT Consult can provide your organisation with a comprehensive LDAR Service/Program. Often driven by corporate or regulatory compliance requirements, LDAR programs provide: a verified 'no-leak' plant, with product losses and fugitive emissions at a minimum, gas plant P&IDs checked and verified 'as built', a 'controlled site', whereby all components have a unique ID, component database set up and ready for integration into plant maintenance...

  • Component Integrity Management Services

    Component Integrity Management Services

    IRT Consult Collaborates with Atmeco Pty to provide IRT Consult Clients access to the ATMECO CIMS System: ATMECO CIMS is a high security, client-specific, web-based system used to capture, report and manage all data which IRT Consult collects and analyses on behalf of clients. CIMS automatically schedules survey sequences, follow-up remedial repair work and re-monitoring to ensure response work is done in a timely and cost-effective manner to minimise...

  • Natural Gas Leak Quantification

    Natural Gas Leak Quantification

    Finding a leaking component is only one part of a leak detection project, but where multiple leaks are detected, there is a requirement to repair these leaks in accordance with their size. We provide a very accurate and efficient Leak Quantification service which utilises a unique IRT Consult Flow Sampling instrument which is a portable, intrinsically safe, battery powered instrument designed to determine the rate of gas leakage around various pipe...

  • Aerial Surveys Services

    Aerial Surveys Services

    If you have large tracts of land or large roof areas to be inspected then we have the perfect solution for you, with an IRT Consult Aerial Thermographic Survey. With an Aerial survey it is possible to survey vast areas in a relatively short time frame.

  • Thermal Imaging

    IRT Consult are the Leading Provider of Thermographic Inspection Services Worldwide. Thermal Imaging is being employed in an ever increasing number of applications, where the only limit is the limit of the Thermographers intuition and imagination.

  • Environmental Monitoring Services

    Environmental Monitoring Services

    If your organisation currently monitors areas for sources of potentially harmful leaks to the environment then we have the perfect solution for you. IRT Consult Ltd. can monitor the following areas more accurately and quicker than current conventional monitoring techniques: Landfill sites, suspect illegal dumping grounds, process and manufacturing plants, refineries, tank farms, chemical and pharmaceutical plants, oil and gas transport ships during...

  • Disaster Recovery Services

    Disaster Recovery Services

    In the aftermath of natural or other disasters there are often high levels of damage sustained by Gas Transmission pipelines, if these ruptures, leaks etc. are not located then fires or explosions can result and often with severe consequences for all involved.

  • Electrical Inspections Services

    Electrical Inspections Services

    Thermography is ideal for carrying out Electrical Safety Inspections, be it to source that loose bus-bar connection or that overloaded component in your main electrical panel. We all understand the consequences of electrical system failure, with the costs associated not often being obvious until it is too late.

  • Mechanical Inspections Services

    Mechanical Inspections Services

    It’s not only electrical parts which can fail during production, mechanical items such as pumps, gears, clutches, bearings, belts, heat exchangers, pressure accumulators, conveyors etc all have a tendency to fail, often during production costing 000’s in lost production, orders and wages not to mention the often costly repair or...

  • Building Surveys Services

    Building Surveys Services

    A Thermographic Survey of your building and it’s associated heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems will identify areas where energy is being wasted, saving you money.

  • PetroChem Inspections Services

    PetroChem Inspections Services

    Miles of pipework, countless valves, insulation, very high temperatures, critical systems, high output demand pressures on equipment and zero tolerance of equipment failure, yes we are talking about the PetroChem industry. Infrared Thermography is the ideal technology to use when you wish to survey vast amounts of critical pipelines without having to close down your facility in order to do so.

  • Roof Surveys Services

    Roof Surveys Services

    Thermal Imaging is an extremely cost effective technique for evaluating the integrity of a wide range of roof systems. Surface damage to the outer membrane will cause water to be absorbed into sub-surface insulation layers and can result in major structural damage or, at the very least, deterioration to any structure near the leak location.

  • Marine Inspections Services

    Marine Inspections Services

    Marine environments such as merchant vessels usually operate to very tight schedules and turn around times at port, and as such rely heavily on their equipment to work first time every time. If a fault were to occur to any of the ships systems whilst under voyage it could wreak havoc with the schedule, impair safety of the vessel, decrease customer confidence, cost 000’s in lost revenue as well as the probability of more costly repairs.

  • Industrial Inspections Services

    Industrial Inspections Services

    Infrared inspections are one of the best proven and cost effective ways of protecting a companies assets. Infrared inspections can be a valued part of any predictive maintenance programme and many larger companies have developed regular predictive maintenance programmes that include infrared inspections.

  • Research & Development Services

    Research & Development Services

    Using our state-of-the art cameras and software we can detect the smallest temperature differences over a very wide temperature range. Frames can be captured, and stored, in real time, at high frame rates allowing for detailed and extensive analysis of highly dynamic events usually associated with R&D environments.