Islamic Azad University (IAU)

Islamic Azad University (IAU)

Islamic Azad University (IAU) is the world’s largest university. The IAU was established in 1982, by the charter of the Supreme Council for Cultural Revolution(SCCR), which is the chief and highest responsible body for accreditation of any higher education institutions in the Islamic Republic of Iran. In other words, SCCR is a supreme body over the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. We can offer you a wealth of facilities that will help you make the most of your time here. The IAU is marking the 30th anniversary of its establishment. Fulltime or part-time, our courses are of the highest quality. They are designed to be directly relevant to industry, commerce, and business in various sectors and fields. Education is also about the people with whom you will be studying. A special characteristic of the IAU is our ability to meet the needs not only of Iranian students, but also of students from around the world.

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No 159, 7th Boostan St., Pasdaran Ave. , Tehran , 19585/466 Iran

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Waste and Recycling - Recycling Systems
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Internationally (various countries)


During 30 years existence history, Islamic Azad University (IAU) has completed Three stages, and now is starting its fourth stage. Briefly these stages are listed below:

  • First decade: Utilizing scattered capacities of higher education.
  • Second decade: Upgrading capacities in higher education.
  • Third decade: Advancing quality of education.
  • The Islamic Azad University has over 50 research centers. There are 20 additional research centers under construction and formation.
  • Currently (in 2011), the university publishes 130 scientific magazines.
  • As many as 600 inventions have been registered by students of the university during international competitions.
  • Over 1800 scientific, literary and art societies are active in the IAU.
  • IAU digital library has been established on those branches which offer postgraduate studies. Over 120 branches have linked to this library.
  • The IAU., in Iran in 27 sports fields, has provided, and prepared the ground for 500,000 students to actively participate in those field.
  • The IAU in the field of public relations, and information has made great achievements.
  • The IAU with about 400 branches in Iran, and abroad is training more than 1,700,000 students in 750 academic fields.
  • The Islamic Azad University is preparing the university to become a world class university between 2011-2015, both in research and education.
  • The aim of IAU since its inception has been to respond to students demands and needs.
  • The IAU grants scholarship to postgraduate students in some disciplines.
  • To create appropriate facilities for the faculty members to take sabbatical courses.

Meeting people from so many different backgrounds will make your time here much more rewarding. You can be sure of a challenging and fulfilling study experience with the expert tuition and support you will receive. The IAU has enjoyed gigantic growth in vast areas, both   academically and otherwise, since its inception in 1982.

The Islamic Azad University (IAU), today considered as the biggest university in the world and one of the main achievements of the Islamic Revolution, was established in 1982 with the support of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini. The activities of the IAU, from the early days of its establishment, show that its slogan of “higher education for all” has always been the backbone of the university’s activities. The existence of the IAU has helped to fairly distribute science across Iran. Fortunately, the University has overcome initial doubts and negativities and its quality and growth has reached a climax which is applauded by all.

After three decades of achievements in the fields of science, education and technology, the IAU now has over 4,000,000 graduates, 1,700,000 students, 35,000 faculty members and over 35,000 administrative staff across Iran. With over 400 university branches and educational centers, built on an area exceeding 21 million square meters,huge complexes which include educational, research and cultural facilities as well as hospitals, laboratories, workshops, sports facilities, recreational areas and information technology (IT) centers, it is now the focus of hope for many young high school graduates wanting to pursue higher education across Iran.