Isodaq Technology. We aim to supply you with the very best value solutions to help your organisation reduce the costs of monitoring and also improve timely on-line access to high quality measurements at your remote sites. Here you will discover some of the benefits of our innovative products and why we are the chosen supplier to numerous drainage authorities, water companies plus rivers and environmental regulators across the globe.

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Old Grammar School, Church Street, , Bromyard , Herefordshire HR7 4DP United Kingdom

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Monitoring and Testing - Water Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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The secret of our success at Isodaq Technology is our capability to design and manufacture electronic logger and software components in-house combined with close collaborative relationships with selected international manufacturing partners who design state-of-the-art measurement sensors. In this way we are able to offer you well integrated, highly reliable yet affordable on-line monitoring and early-warning systems for a wide range of applications in the water and environmental regulatory industries. Applications which have included :-

  • Rainfall intensity logging - rainfall logger applications with storm intensity alarms
  • Weather measurement - wind and weather logging including automatic weather stations
  • Water level measurement - sensors for boreholes, reservoirs and rivers including flood warning
  • Flow measurement - open-channel flow measurement in rivers, treatment works or culverts.
  • Water quality monitoring - range of single/multi-parameter probes for surface or groundwater
  • Pump & gate status monitoring - pump status and flood gate position monitoring
  • Flood & pollution warning systems - real-time telemetry and early warning systems

Isodaq Technology is a division of the Hydro-Logic Group, established in 1985 and now employing more than 50 staff based at regional offices throughout the UK. This includes staff employed by our sister Company Hydro-Logic Services LLP which provides consultancy services in water resources, flood-risk management, hydrometry and related field services.

Distributors wanted to join the growing success story of Isodaq GPRS data loggers

We distribute our Isodaq telemetry products including GPRS data loggers to many countries around the world and welcome enquiries from potential new international partners.  During the last year we have  launched several exciting products including the new Tadpole GPRS logger range which sets new standards for reducing the costs of ownership of telemetry outstations at remote sites. Tadpole'srevolutionary design and tiny footprint enables the device to be fitted inside many tipping-bucket raingauges.

ISODAQ TECHNOLOGY is the trading name of Hydro-Logic Ltd encompassing all the staff involved in development and support of instrumentation and software systems plus the company's product sales and marketing team. We specialise in the supply of monitoring systems for the water and environmental regulatory industries with  particular capability in flow monitoring.

The ISODAQ team based in Stirling, Scotland, is an award winning product development group offering creativity and innovation, and a broad range of technical expertise to take projects from idea to successful production.  ISODAQ design the electronics, firmware, software and mechanical parts but outsource the manufacture of most components. The final testing is carried out in-house. This arrangement allows flexible production - we can produce tens or thousands of products per year.

As well as designing and manufacturing all the ISODAQ badged datalogging and telemetry products shown on this site, we also take on customised design projects for other cients or enter into collaborative ventures for specific products. A good example of this is the Hawkeye product developed in partnership with IETG Ltd of Leeds, which has won two major awards since it's launch in 2004.

Our software team in Bromyard has been responsible for the design and support of software products such as HydroLog, Rainark, Gauger and Pocket Gauger, all of which have in their time been industry-standard products in the UK for managing time-series, and/or flow gauging data in national hydrometric networks.

To complete the range of products, we also work closely with manufacturers of quality software and sensor products. We are exclusive resellers in the UK and Ireland of the range of flow meters from internationally respected manufactuers such as Quantum Hydrometrie, Teledyne RDi (US) and Mace (Australia).