I.T.R. is born as subsidiary of O.M.A.R. Group for the development and planning of plants for the treatment of the urban and industrial waste in the recycling world. I.T.R. recycling, your ideal partner for the development of your successful recycling plant for solid and urban waste treatment, thanks to its total competence in the valorization of the reclamation as economic profit for our customers.

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Via Marmolada, 2 Z.I. Nord , Spresiano - Treviso , 31027 Italy

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Waste and Recycling - Recycling Systems
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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The main reason that drives I.T.R. toward the innovation process is characterized from the reclamation's valorization. Principally the Green Solutions represent solutions aimed to  increase the value of the waste and of the industrial and urban reclamation for the transformation into economic value, reachable through the commercialization of the materials got from the reclamation's management phases.

For this reason our company presents itself to you, not only as a simple supplier of recycling plants, but above all as a strategical partner to improve your transformation processes and convert them into a profitable gain thanks to the choice of correct plants or to their improvement.

Research & development 

The technological heart of all our processes is born from the Research and Development department (R&D), which take care not only to study suitable solutions connected to the customer needs but also of the continuous research of qualitative processes that as first objective have the optimization of the processes of the waste treatment always guaranteeing and respecting the rules regarding the environment.

Essential and successful element of the R&D department is the close cooperation with our customers and commercial partners, who always drive us toward bigger engagements in the planning and development of solutions and methods that must satisfy whatever typology of reclamation treatment according to the opportunities required from the market.

At the same time a big engagement is dedicated to the support, assistance and maintenance activities toward our customers, and so already existing plants, all through an efficient system that allows us to supply quality at cut costs.