ITW Poly Recycling Gmbh

ITW Poly Recycling Gmbh

ITW Poly Recycling GmbH is one of Europe`s leading plastics recycling firms. Our company is located in Weinfelden, currently employs about 30 people and has a budgeted output of approx. 20,000 tonnes for 2001. ITW Poly Recycling GmbH mainly recycles PET. The widely used PET bottles serve as feedstock for PET. These recyclables, originating in Switzerland and neighboring countries, are automatically washed, sorted and extruded into specified granules on state-of-the-art processing lines. ITW Poly Recycling GmbH is a supplier and partner of many leading plastics processors throughout Europe. The main applications for Poly PET is used to produce fibers sheet and strapping. Increasing PET volumes are being recycled to manufacture bottles and engineering plastics.

Company details

Bleichestrasse 41 , Weinfelden , CH-8570 Switzerland

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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Waste and Recycling
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:

1975 saw the inception of ITW Poly Recycling GmbH. After minor startup difficulties, the company grew continuously under the auspices and umbrella of Model AG in Weinfelden.

In 1986 the volume of processed waste topped the 10,000 tonne mark for the first time.

In 1987 ITW Poly Recycling GmbH occupied the new plant adjacent to Model AG, detaching itself from Model AG.

In 1988 output already stood at 14,000 tonnes.

In 1993 a new PET factory was opened at the same location, with a capacity of over 7,000 tonnes. Among other waste, it recycles the PET bottles collected by PET Recycling Switzerland (PRS) and converts them into PET flakes. Following more capacity extensions, PE recycling reached a 3-shift capacity of approx. 19,000 tonnes.

To step up the volume again for further expansion in Europe, the company switched to 4-shift operation in April 1997. This allowed an output of over 26,000 tonnes polyolefins and over 10,000 tonnes PET flakes.

In the wake of the difficult market situation, the company is trimming its production capacities in 1999, returning to 3-shift operation. The volume targeted for 1999 is about 13,000 tonnes polyolefins and 12,000 tonnes PET.

ITW has aquired the PET activities. Further expansion has taken place in PET reprocessing. More as 15.000 Tons have been marketet in 2000. PE recycling is taken over by innoPlastics AG.

2001, new investments will increase the potential for PET processing to levels over 15.000 Tons. The transfer of PE recycling activities to the new Innoplastics AG location will be executed by end of April.