IUT Beyeler

IUT Beyeler

Distrubutor of Taurus and other brands in the Waste & Recycling Industry. Scrap shears / Scrap balers / None ferrous balers / Alligator shears / Cable recycling / Several installations / Portable metal analysis devices.

Company details

PO. Box 55 , Spiez , CH-3700 CH-3700 Switzerland

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Manufacturers Represented

Business Type:
Industry Type:
Waste and Recycling
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

Type of Business:

Planning, sale, maintenance and service of:

  • Hydraulic scrap shears TAURUS
  • Hydraulic scrap presses IUT and MERCURY
  • General recycling machines

How it all began:

It happened more than 20 years ago. The company IUT BEYELER’s founder, Mr. Peter Beyeler, had recently completed his studies in mechanical engineering. A customer from German-speaking Switzerland asked IUT to help him buy hydraulic scrap shears.

The result was the purchase of 300-ton shears TAURUS, whose installation and start of operations were entirely provided by IUT BEYELER. This shears, which were relatively small even at the time, have cut many thousand tons of steel before being accepted in payment by IUT when delivering the next machine for the same customer and finding a new owner as a used machine. Since then, the machine has changed owners several times; based on the latest information, the machine is still used by a scrap recycler in Poland to prepare materials.

What became of it:

Since then, IUT BEYELER has shipped around a hundred scrap shears with a cutting force of 300 to 1,100 tons, as well as a number of presses, alligator shears, cable preparation machines and other recycling facilities, to customers around the world.

If years ago old industrial nations, such as Germany or Switzerland, provided the majority of recipients, today, in addition to scrap processors in the new EU countries in the East, geographically far-flung interested parties have also become IUT BEYELER’s customers. In this context we can announce not without pride the sale of 600-ton TAURUS shears to far-away Australia!

Today, users from the most varied recycling sectors are IUT/TAURUS customers. So, on the one hand, the mid-sized scrap processor, and on the other hand the automobile manufacturing corporation pressing old car bodies, are classic recipients of IUT’s scrap shears and presses.

How it continues:

Proximity to customers, together with service which justly carries this name, has made IUT BEYELER a successful small business. The service network, which was created from several bases in Switzerland, Germany, Holland and the Baltic states, is continuously expanded. Innovations, taken not least because of the proximity to users of IUT’s TAURUS scrap shears or other facilities, ensure that these facilities are always at latest technical state of the art. A good price-performance ratio was also always a principle kept for IUT’s facilities. You can therefore intently wait for new developments and applications from IUT and its partners ...