IVAM Research and Consultancy on Sustainability

Environmental research and consultancy firm IVAM evolved out of the Universiteit van Amsterdam. Since 1993, it has been an independent part of UvA Holding BV. Its 40 specialists and consultants provide research, consultancy and training aimed at the implementation of sustainable solutions in business and society. IVAM is actively involved in the design and implementation of leading and trendsetting projects in the fields of quality of life, energy, sustainable building, chain management and cleaner production.

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Plantage Muidergracht 24 , Amsterdam , 1018 TV Netherlands

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Consulting firm
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Globally (various continents)
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IVAM's mission

IVAM contributes to a sustainable world by making sustainability concrete for its customers. IVAM's research and consultancy work aims to develop a language to communicate on sustainability, to make the concept of sustainability measurable, and to stimulate sustainable development by providing specific measures. In this way IVAM builds a connection between science and society.

We pay attention to Planet, People and Profit in our assignments for governments, companies and NGOs. We focus on both technical and human aspects of sustainability issues, to arrive at balanced solutions for the present and for the future.

The basis of IVAM's work consists of three pillars: 'concept', 'language' and 'measure'.


With our clients we discuss what sustainability means for their specific company or situation. In addition we participate in the public debate on the concept of sustainability and whether and how it can be measured. Society is continuously changing and the definition of sustainability changes with it. IVAM keeps the discussion going, within as well as outside of our company.


The main strength of IVAM lies in the pillar 'language'. IVAM provides insight into complex sustainability issues by embedding them in models, numbers or figures. This streamlines the discussion, and enables different parties to reach satisfactory solutions more quickly.

Examples of models often used by IVAM are Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Location Sustainability Profile (DPL). Our work on sustainability language also encompasses projects related to ecolabels, evaluation and monitoring of policy measures, education and 'environmental fate models' for chemicals.


Our sustainability analyses result in concrete and well-founded advice on the measures that will contribute most to sustainability.

IVAM's vision

The transition to a sustainable world is not an ideology, but a necessity. At IVAM we believe we can contribute to a sustainable world, not by making big gestures, but by taking small steps.

Society is not lacking of good will, but all too often sustainable initiatives do not come to fruition because it is unclear which choice contributes most to sustainability. A clear and integral communication of scientific and practical knowledge brings transparency in sustainability options, and will facilitate their realization.