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  • Treatise on Water Science

    Treatise on Water Science

    Treatise on Water Science, Four-Volume Set Available online and in print for a limited time Water quality and management are of great significance globally, as the demand for clean, potable water far exceeds the availability. Water science research brings together the natural and applied sciences, engineering, chemistry, law and policy, and economics. The Treatise on Water Science seeks to unite these areas through contributions from a global ...

  • Experimental Methods in Wastewater Treatment

    Experimental Methods in Wastewater Treatment

    Over the past twenty years, the knowledge and understanding of wastewater treatment has advanced extensively and moved away from empirically based approaches to a fundamentally-based first principles approach embracing chemistry, microbiology, and physical and bioprocess engineering, often involving experimental laboratory work and techniques. Many of these experimental methods and techniques have matured to the degree that they have been ...

  • Water Communication

    Water Communication

      Water Communication aims at setting a first general outlook at what communication on water means, who communicates and on what topics. Through different examples and based on different research and contributions, this book presents an original first overview of “water communication”. It sets its academic value as one distinct scientific domain and provides tips and practical tools to professionals. The book contributes to avoid mixing ...

  • Remaining Asset Life: A State of the Art Review

    Remaining Asset Life: A State of the Art Review

    This report is an output of the fourth research track (Track 4) of WERF’s strategic asset management research program ‘Asset Management Communication and Implementation’ (SAM1R06). Track 4 addressed ‘remaining asset life’, and had the overall objective of contributing to the development of techniques, tools and methods for estimating residual life of wastewater assets. Track 4 research was planned to be undertaken in a staged manner, so as to ...