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  • Reservoir Eutrophication: Preventive Management

    Reservoir Eutrophication: Preventive Management

    The overall objective of Reservoir Eutrophication: Preventive Management is to present the environmental and anthropogenic factors associated with the process of eutrophication and algal blooms in the Rio Verde reservoir and propose lake use and management technologies in order to minimize the problem. Eutrophication process in Rio Verde reservoir with the occurrence of intense algal blooms is a consequence of the interconnection of different ...

  • Sustainable Treatment and Reuse of Municipal Wastewater

    Sustainable Treatment and Reuse of Municipal Wastewater

    In many countries, especially in developing countries, many people are lacking access to water and sanitation services and this inadequate service is the main cause of diseases in these countries.  Application of appropriate wastewater treatment technologies, which are effective, low cost (in investment and especially in operation and maintenance), simple to operate, proven technologies, is a key component in any strategy aimed at increasing the ...