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  • Wastewater Treatment: Advanced Processes and Technologies

    Wastewater Treatment: Advanced Processes and Technologies

     Features Covers emerging applications of nanotechnology for wastewater treatment Includes integrated cost-based design methodologies Focuses on the design of main treatment units Includes auxiliary units such as primary settler, final settler, sludge digester, and thickener Provides tables, equations, figures, and graphs Includes case studies and examples Emphasizing new technologies that produce clean water and energy from the wastewater ...

  • Urban Water Reuse Handbook

    Urban Water Reuse Handbook

    Rapid population growth, along with drought, water-intensive energy development, climate change conditions, and a number of other factors all place stress on world water supplies. In many countries throughout the world, water reuse has proved to be an effective and safe means to help satisfy growing water demands and offset scarcity. This book provides the latest information on water reuse applications with a focus on urban areas. It examines ...

  • Water - Energy Interactions in Water Reuse

    Water - Energy Interactions in Water Reuse

      The focus of Water-Energy Interactions in Water Reuse is to collect original contributions and some relevant publications from recent conference proceedings in order to provide state-of-art information on the use of energy in wastewater treatment and reuse systems. Special focus is given to innovative technologies, such as membrane bioreactors, high pressure membrane filtration systems, and novel water reuse processes. A comparison of energy ...