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  • MIEX - Resins

    MIEX - Resins

    The name MIEX® comes from “Magnetic Ion EXchange ”, because the ion exchange resin beads contain a magnetized component within their structure which allows the beads to act as weak individual magnets. The magnetic component results in the beads forming agglomerates that will settle rapidly or fluidize at high hydraulic loading rates, thus allowing small unit process footprints. The very small resin bead size provides a high surface...

  • Systems

  • MAGNAPAK - Packaged Systems

    MAGNAPAK - Packaged Systems

    Orica Watercare provides packaged MAGNAPAK® Systems for quick and cost-effective installation at water and wastewater treatment plants with small capacity requirements of 50 to 700 gpm. These preassembled, skid-mounted systems utilize the high rate configuration and can be provided as open top gravity flow systems or enclosed pressurized systems.

  • MIEX - Customised Systems

    MIEX - Customised Systems

    Custom-designed MIEX® Treatment Systems can be engineered to fit your specific needs. These systems, of 2MGD capacity and greater, come in two possible configurations- the High Rate or Dual Stage configuration. Dependent on the application and customer preference, steel or concrete material can be used for the build of the system.

  • MIEX - System Components

    MIEX - System Components

    MIEX® resin regeneration equipment is supplied as modular, skid-mounted systems. Additional modules can easily be added to increase the resin regeneration capacity to accommodate plant expansions. The fully assembled regeneration skids have a small footprint allowing for low installation costs. The state-of-the-art MIEX® resin regeneration system is very efficient, resulting in low waste volumes and operating costs.