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  • Laboratory & Pilot Studies

    Laboratory & Pilot Studies

    Orica Watercare can perform comprehensive laboratory simulations to measure the effectiveness of MIEX® resin treatment on water and wastewater sources. Full reports of the feasibility results along with a budgetary proposal can be provided upon request. Contact your local office for more details on the test procedures or to arrange laboratory treatability testing of your water or wastewater stream.

  • System Installation & Commissioning

    System Installation & Commissioning

    Orica Watercare can assist in the installation of MIEX® and MAGNAPAK® Systems upon request. Additionally, for all MIEX® Installations, a member of the Orica Watercare engineering team will perform on-site commissioning to ensure that all expectations are met prior to full-scale operation. A system check-out will be performed as well as comprehensive dry and wet testing. Orica Watercare will also complete the initial resin loading and...

  • Waste Management Services

    Waste Management Services

    In cases where waste brine disposal is a concern, Orica Watercare has a range of waste management options. Waste brine can be treated on-site to produce either greatly reduced volumes of brine or solid waste that will be easier to dispose of. Alternatively, Orica Watercare can provide a service to collect and dispose of waste brine in 4500-5000 gallon tanker loads where required (smaller loads are possible if truck access is restricted). Waste...

  • Financing Services

    Financing Services

    Ixom Watercare is pleased to provide alternative financing options for water utilities that wish to install a large-scale MIEX® or packaged MAGNAPAK® System but are not able to obtain the financing necessary to purchase a system upfront or wish to quickly...

  • Emergency Response Services

    Emergency Response Services

    Ixom provides various external businesses with our Emergency Response Service (ERS) which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing telephone advice and assistance to the public, emergency services and others on incidents relating to the transport, storage and use of chemical products and raw materials in emergency situations.

  • Operational Support and Service

    Ixom’s team of experienced industry professionals are here to make sure that you get the most out of your treatment systems. Our operations expertise and troubleshooting experience allow us to identify factors in design, management, operations, and maintenance that affect compliance and facility performance. All of which affect overall capital costs. Our Operational Support and Service options can range from site visits for facility audits and hands-on training sessions to ongoing service

  • Remote Plant Performance Monitoring Services

    Remote Plant Performance Monitoring Services

    This is a great way to identify trends at your facility. Ixom will utilize remote connectivity, plant log sheets, and screen shots sent by the client, to analyze DOC Color and UVA performance data, water treatment historical trends such resin loss rates, flow rate, resin concentrations in...

  • Resin Condition Monitoring Services

    Resin Condition Monitoring Services

    The MIEX Resin can tell a story about what is going on in the ion exchange process. Let our lab diagnose the activity. With this service, a sample of loaded and fresh resin from the plant will be sent in to enable the resin condition to be analyzed in the Ixom laboratory. The objective of these tests is to monitor the resin condition for decline in quality, performance, and fouling (organic and inorganic).

  • On Site Facility Audit Services

    On Site Facility Audit Services

    A visit by an Ixom representative is an effective way for us to interact with the operators in the field. While at your facility we gain valuable perspectives on how the equipment is performing and help identify what could be potential problems in the future. The visit will include meetings with plant leadership team, plant operators, and maintenance personnel, assessment of performance and investigation into plant incidents or process failures,...

  • Water Services

    Water Services

    Ixom provides chemicals, technologies and services for water treatment.