J.J.Keller & Associates, Inc.

J.J.Keller & Associates, Inc.

J.J.Keller & Associates, Inc.

J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. is a supplier of safety and regulatory compliance solutions for transportation, manufacturing, construction, human resources, security and general industry. J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. is a privately-held company that helps businesses, large and small, deal with the complex and constantly evolving regulations that affect their operations every day.

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3003 W. Breezewood Lane , Neenah , Wisconsin 54957 USA
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Health and Safety Regulations and Compliance
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Globally (various continents)
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Over 1000

J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. is a privately-held company that helps businesses, large and small, deal with the complex and constantly evolving regulations that affect their operations every day.

Our company ranks as one of the largest employers in Wisconsin's Fox River Valley, employing over 1,100 associates and serving over 350,000 customers, including more than 90% of the Fortune 1,000. Keller’s diverse product line includes publications, consulting, online management tools, and outsourced services.

At the core of the company’s success is a strong commitment to providing outstanding customer service and quality resources for effective compliance. As government regulations evolve and new compliance challenges arise, J. J. Keller will continue to build strategic partnerships by responding to the changing needs of our customers.

The history of J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. is the history of a company that originated as a tiny publishing and services company located in the cornfields of central Wisconsin.

Founded in 1953 by John “Jack” Keller, J. J. Keller was initially a one-man regulatory consulting, warehousing, and insurance underwriting operation. Over its first few years, the company focused on transportation regulatory services, building a reputation for providing practical help in meeting complex government regulations.

With a steadily growing number of associates and customers, the company began to build a solid reputation for providing companies in a variety of industries with solutions that make it easier to manage safety and regulatory compliance.

Our company headquarters are located in Neenah, Wisconsin, just a few short miles from the first small office space where Jack started it all.

The future of J. J. Keller’s success will be built on its past.

That’s because the company is committed to staying true to the values that have built the company. Instead of following fads, we follow market needs. Instead of following competitors, we lead the way. And instead of thinking short-term, we have the discipline and patience to put the long-term first.

This corporate philosophy is exemplified in three of the defining decisions that made J. J. Keller what it is today:

  • Staying a private, family-owned company
  • Implementing an employee profit sharing program
  • Creating the philanthropic J. J. Keller Foundation

These decisions will ensure that J. J. Keller’s future is as successful as its present — and its past.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the first choice for customers looking for assistance in managing risk and regulatory compliance in our primary areas of expertise – Transportation, Industrial/Workplace Safety & Human Resources.

We will serve the marketplace by providing a wide spectrum of innovative publishing, supply and service solutions to these core and related niche markets.

We will be customer oriented and be recognized for timely and professional response to changing needs and conditions. We will maintain a pro-active marketing and sales posture offering high quality value added products/services while providing knowledgeable and superior customer care.

Vision Statement

To be the premier solution provider in helping firms effectively manage risk, regulatory compliance and related best practices.

At J. J. Keller, we value our associates, our customers and our community — and we don’t just talk about it, we demonstrate it.

Associate Principle

We believe success requires a shared effort. That's why we rely on our Associate Principle, where associates contribute to the company's success, and in turn, reap the rewards of it.

Community Involvement

J. J. Keller has made it a mission to give back to the community. Founded in 1991, the J. J. Keller Foundation, Inc. is a private, family foundation which provides charitable funding to many worthwhile groups within the local community, and throughout the state and nation.

In addition to the Foundation, the company founders established the John J. and Ethel D. Keller Donor-Advised Fund through the local Community Foundation for the Fox Valley region. To date, gifts and commitments have totaled more than $19 million to more than 300 non-profit organizations. The Foundation has also established a matching gifts program where associate gifts are matched up to $500 per year.

J. J. Keller also supports community organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Junior Achievement. A number of Habitat homes have been built to date in the Fox Valley area through financial support and volunteer hours from J. J. Keller associates.

Through the Junior Achievement Program, thousands of Fox Valley children have learned business concepts from J. J. Keller associates who volunteer time for this organization.

Environmental Commitment

J. J. Keller has shown its commitment to the environment by achieving ISO 14001 certification, a standard aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of a business and decreasing pollution and waste. As an eco-friendly employer, J. J. Keller has established many “green” initiatives to ensure we are conscious of the environment. Some of these include programs for recycling, environmental stewardship/community outreach, and car pooling. J. J. Keller’s car pooling program has over 200 active participants.


J. J. Keller is an Equal Opportunity Employer and we are committed to fair, lawful, and respectful treatment of all our associates, customers, business partners, and members of the community. When we treat everyone we meet with respect and dignity, we can be sure J. J. Keller is not only a good place to work, but also a great company with which to do business.

Corporate Sponsorships

J. J. Keller has a number of corporate sponsorships established, both locally and nationally. Some of these include a sponsorship that was established in 2006 for an Iditarod Racing Team (the Seavey Racing Team), sponsorships through the J. J. Keller Foundation for local needs, and sponsorships to support causes such as Habitat for Humanity and Junior Achievement.)

J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. offers more than 6,000 products and services to help customers meet their safety needs and comply with regulations enforced by DOT, OSHA, EPA, FDA, and 300 state agencies.

As the nation's most-trusted source for safety and compliance solutions, we stay on top of new regulations and industry needs, and respond with timely, carefully prepared solutions for the transport, workplace, human resources, food, and construction markets.

A sampling of our product line includes compliance guides, manuals, and newsletters ... video-based, online, and CD-ROM training programs ... regulatory forms, supplies, and computer software. We also provide additional transport-related services including licensing, permitting, fuel tax reporting, and driver log auditing.

Additionally, J. J. Keller provides safety consulting and on-site training, along with several Internet-based tools, including Prospera™, KellerOnline®, FleetMentor™, Driver Management Online™, Vehicle Management Online™, Fuel Tax Master® Online, and more.