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  • Jacarta interSeptor - Security Sensor

    Jacarta interSeptor - Security Sensor

    Security sensors can be used to detect unauthorised access or simply if a door/window has been left open. interSeptor, interSeptor Pro and PowerFox8 security sensor. The Security Sensor is a magnetic reed switch that can be used to detect the opening of doors, racks, windows and cupboards.

  • Jacarta - Water Leak Detection Sensors

    Jacarta - Water Leak Detection Sensors

    High-quality UK-manufactured sensors. Simple to install – lay the cable where protection is required and connect to your chosen monitoring solution via a 2-pin dry-contact connection. Custom-made to suit your requirements – choose leak detection cable length (up to 30m), interface cable length and connection type. Fully reusable – simply wipe down with a clean, dry cloth after contact with liquids.

  • Jacarta - Smoke Sensor

    Jacarta - Smoke Sensor

    This is an ionisation smoke detection system, it is supplied with a 12v power supply for connection to a mains power socket. The Smoke Detector is a mains powered, ionisation based smoke detection unit that can be positioned to monitor for early signs of fire, providing both an alarm to your Jacarta device in addition to an audible alarm.

  • Jacarta - Universal Dry Contact Sensor

    Jacarta - Universal Dry Contact Sensor

    Universal sensors can be used to monitor any normally open / closed output such as those provided by UPS, air conditioners, BMS devices, security alarm panels, generators, fire alarm panels, etc.

  • Jacarta - Motion Sensor

    Jacarta - Motion Sensor

    The Motion Sensor uses Passive Infra-Red (PIR) technology to detect the presence of movement and trigger an alarm.

  • Jacarta - Airflow Sensor

    Jacarta - Airflow Sensor

    The Airflow Sensor can be used to monitor the presence of airflow coming out of air-conditioning units. If the sensor detects a loss of airflow an alarm is triggered.

  • Jacarta - Vibration Sensor

    Jacarta - Vibration Sensor

    The Vibration Sensor detects the vibrations caused during attempts to penetrate the protected rack door, wall or roof. The sensor features adjustable sensitivity to help prevent false alarms.

  • Jacarta - Carbon Monoxide Detector

    Jacarta - Carbon Monoxide Detector

    The Carbon Monoxide sensor detects the presence of dangerous Carbon Monoxide gases and provides an audible alarm in addition to triggering an alarm on your Jacarta device. Go-Probe sensors are supplied with either 4 or 18m of interface cable to connect to your Jacarta Environmental Monitoring Device however alternative lengths are available on request (subject to maximum cable lengths).

  • Jacarta - Temperature/Humidity Sensor

    Jacarta - Temperature/Humidity Sensor

    Operating Range: 0°C - 80°C / 10% - 90%. Threshold Range: -15°C—65°C / 5% - 95%. Accuracy: +/- 1°C / +/- 3%. Accessories: Fixing kit (Velcro/Screws/Cable ties). Power Requirement: Powered by host device. Dry-contact Inputs: 2. Interface Cable Length: Max. 80m Cat 5. Weight/Dimensions: 34g / 57*37*30mm.