Jacobi Carbons AB

Jacobi Carbons AB

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  • Jacobi - AquaSorb

    Jacobi - AquaSorb

    Activated Carbons designed for water treatment, covering applications such as drinking water, effluent wastewater, industrial process water, beverage processing, and home water filters. Our AquaSorb grades comply with NSF, EN, and AWWA standards for drinking water treatment, are accredited by regulatory agencies like NSF in the USA and KIWA in the Netherlands, and also meet the requirements...

  • Jacobi - AddSorb

    Jacobi - AddSorb

    Our series of specialty impregnated activated carbons for vapour applications such as acid gases, basic gases, formaldehyde, mercury, and odour control. Included within the AddSorb range are our industry leading grades for personal protection devices.

  • Jacobi - ColorSorb

    Jacobi - ColorSorb

    A wide range of activated carbon products specifically designed for colour removal applications, including food, chemical, and pharmaceutical purification.

  • Jacobi - EcoSorb

    Jacobi - EcoSorb

    Activated carbons designed for air and gas treatment, covering a diverse set of applications including VOC abatement in air, odour control, solvent recovery, process gas purification, residential and commercial air treatment devices, cigarette filters, and cabin air filters and evaporative loss devices in automobiles.

  • Jacobi - GoldSorb/PICAGOLD

    Jacobi - GoldSorb/PICAGOLD

    Our industry leading product line designed for precious metals recovery in mining facilities. GoldSorb and PICAGOLD carbons are optimised for this application, providing good adsorption and elution characteristics, exhibiting maximum product hardness, high resistance to attrition and producing fewer fines during regeneration.

  • Jacobi - PetroSorb

    Jacobi - PetroSorb

    Activated carbon products designed for the oil and gas industry, covering water treatment, vapour treatment, and process applications in petrochemical facilities.