Jadcore is the largest plastics recycler in the Midwest with a monthly production capacity of five million pounds. This means we can handle your job quickly and at lower costs. We`ve been recycling plastics for industrial applications since 1974. We buy plastic in bulk, clean and convert it to resin pellets, then resell the plastic for manufacturing purposes. Our vertical integration in plastics allows us to supply your product needs at every stage of your manufacturing process.

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300 North Fruitridge Ave., Suite A , Terre Haute , IN 47803 USA

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Service provider
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Waste and Recycling
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Nationally (across the country)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Back in 1974, Jadcore's founder, Jim Doti, saw a way to cut back the waste that was holding down profits in the plastics industry. It was simple. Not every process needs virgin plastic; only some do. For the rest, all it takes is a clean, reliable raw material.

And so Jadcore was established as a successful effort to commercialize the reprocessing of commodity plastic materials.

For more than 30 years, Jadcore has been a family-owned business. And we are committed to remaining independent because we believe this is how we can best serve our customers. Since our founding we have grown to almost 200 employees operating from two facilities in four separate core business functions: plastic bags, recycling, trucking and warehousing.

Explore our site and see all that we have to offer your business, then contact us to see how we can help put profits back into your plastics operation.