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  • Groundwater Dataloggers

  • Model Cera-Diver - Data Loggers

    Model Cera-Diver - Data Loggers

    Measuring 90 mm in length and 22 mm in diameter, registers groundwater levels with an accuracy of 0.05% (Full Scale). Its memory is capable of storing 48,000 measurements per parameter, sufficient enough to perform one measurement every ten minutes for an entire year. Is designed specifically for monitoring groundwater in potentially corrosive conditions, such as brackish water and seawater. Robust, durable, corrosion proof housing. Ideal for...

  • Model CTD-Diver - Data Loggers

    Model CTD-Diver - Data Loggers

    The CTD-Diver is a fully stand-alone datalogger with built-in memory, battery and sensors. Its ceramic casing and unparalleled conductivity measuring range (0-120 mS) make it suitable for use at every site. The CTD-Diver is impervious to the most aggressive substances found in water. Its ceramic casing resists when even the strongest metals yield. Robust, durable, corrosion proof housing. Conductivity range: 0-120 mS/cm. Ideal for long term...