J.K.F. Industrie A/S

J.K.F. Industrie A/S

JKF Industri A/S develops and manufactures components for process ventilation and air filtration systems. The product programme comprises ducts, duct systems, filters and fans. The components are sold to ventilation producers and contractors through a world-wide network of dealers, collaborators and subsidiary companies. Today the components are used by a wide range of businesses within the woodworking, milling, agriculture, plastic, paper, textile, recycling, powder painting, sandblasting, metal working industries - including the welding, plasma, laser, tobacco and medical industry etc. JKF develops, produces, markets and sells components for process ventilation systems for certain industry sectors and markets.

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Postboks 100, Roersangervej 5, Als , Hadsund , 9560 Denmark

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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Throughout the years, JKF’s vision has always been to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of components for process ventilation systems, and JKF will thereby contribute to improving the global external environment.
Our customers shall benefit from faultless supply and service, covering everything from quotations, order specification and production, to delivery and service – all to specified time, place and price.
JKF never signs off a job until everything on the order has been delivered and any teething problems are solved to everyone's satisfaction.

The History of JKF Industri A/S

JKF was founded by Louis Nielsen in Als in 1957, and remains the site of the main factory and parent company of the JKF Group.

The company had the original tongue-twisting name of 'Jysk Knæ- & Pladerørsfabrik' – which was changed to the slightly easier JKF Industri A/S in 1982, when export sale volumes had become so large that a name which could be pronounced by foreigners was needed!

In 1985, a transfer of ownership was started, when a group of JKF employees and the long-standing partner Cimbria, based in Thisted, Denmark became shareholders, and the process was completed in 2004 when Louis Nielsen resigned as Chairman of the board. JKF is now owned by Maj Invest Equity.
International Industrial Group

From humble beginnings as a forging shop, JKF has grown into a modern and international industrial business. The factory site in Als, Denmark covers over 25,000 m² in addition to the JKF manufacturing plants at its subsidiaries in Poland and Malaysia, and the sales office in Singapore.
When it comes to installation, JKF has a rich source of experience to draw on in its Danish subsidiary which specialises in installing the process ventilation systems produced by JKF.
JKF’s consistent growth has expanded the workforce to a total of approx. 200-250, of which 160 are based in Denmark and the balance spread between the plants in Poland and Malaysia, plus the sales office in Singapore.
The group turnover has also grown over the years to approx. 20-25 million Euro, 77% of which was derived from exports.

A committed business
77% of JKF’s production is exported around the world; one of the reasons why the company has established factories in Poland and Malaysia, with a sales office in Singapore responsible for sales and planning on the Asian market. The network of dealers covers most of the globe, with representatives throughout Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

JKF’s policy of local support in Denmark is also applied elsewhere in the world. Wherever an installation is required, the company provides the same level of support – taking local responsibility.
At the Forefront

New demands are constantly made of process ventilation systems, particularly for safety, hygiene, the environment. noise, energy consumption etc. For example, JKF has developed a system which sets new standards for personal safety related to explosions in filters - a method which has been tested, documented and approved by TÜV.

At JKF, our goal is to constantly be on the leading edge of development, comply with the requirements of the authorities and customers. Doing so will ensure JKF systems which not only meet all standards, but which will also set new ones.
Quality at all levels

Ever since it was founded, JKF has always sought new solutions, setting standards rather than following others, and building market expectations into research and development long before they become requirements. JKF holds several ISO certificates as proof of its quality assurance procedures; ISO 9001 documents total quality, ISO 14001 the environment and ISO 18001 health and safety.
A Fast and Sure Supplier

With a track record of 99.6% order fulfilment, JKF can be relied upon to complete a project without delays and additional costs. Complete air filtration systems can be delivered from the factory within 3-4 weeks, and components can be delivered direct from stock.
A Sure Choice

The wide product range makes JKF the ideal partner for air filtration systems and components for process ventilation systems. JKF offers product solutions at many different price levels, giving customers more flexibility and cost-economy. Our customers only need a single supplier, saving them time and money.

Based on market/customer satisfaction and total quality, JKF will be one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of components for process ventilation plants.

JKF will also contribute to improving the global external environment.

To meet the needs of the market and the customers JKF has throughout the years established a number of subsidiaries. Our subsidiaries are working at their respective markets as independent business entities, but at the same time they are working in a close co-operation with the remaining companies of the JKF-group. Consequently, the entire group is added an invaluable synergy effect which contributes to ensure the constant development and 100% market orientation

JKF Polska Sp. z o.o., Poland

JKF Polska was founded in Wolsztyn in 1997, approx. 70 km south of Poznan. The purpose of the subsidiary company is to manufacture and supply components and process extraction for the industry in Poland. The wide product programme of ducting, fans and filters is supplied to several different industry types throughout the entire Poland. The product programme gives large possibilities and advantages for our existing and new customers. JKF Polska is selling directly to the end users in Poland and via regular co-operation partners and dealers. They are stocking 1 mm ducting and have reliable delivery times of the entire product programme. The good, local production facilities of JKF Polska offer the customers a high, uniform quality and short delivery times.

JKF Industri Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia

JKF Malaysia was founded in Seremban in 1995, approx. 70 km south of Kuala Lumpur. The purpose of the subsidiary company is to manufacture and supply components and process extraction for the industry in South East Asia, New Zealand and Australia. The wide product programme of ducting, fans and filters is supplied to several different industry types throughout the entire region. The product programme gives large possibilities and advantages for our existing and new customers. JKF Malaysia is selling its products via a large network of dealers which gives the end users a good, local service and reliable delivery times. They have a stock, and several of the dealers are also stocking JKF’s products to ensure short delivery times at the local markets. The production facilities of JKF Malaysia offer the customers a high, uniform quality and short delivery times.

JKF Solutions Pte. Ltd., Singapore

JKF Solutions was founded in Singapore in 1999. JKF Solutions supplies turnkey process, room extraction and filter plants – if necessary with complete service agreements. The solutions are based on quality, reliability and competitive prices. To meet the increased environmental requirements and modern production processes, the products are of the latest technological quality, since the process ventilation plants of the ”previous day” are often not a sufficient solution. JKF Solutions is able to refer to a large number of references where they have projected and installed effective, reliable and flexible process ventilation plants. The basic principle is to create environmental solutions which both meet the economic and environmental conditions.