For over 35 years, OILMISERTM Technology has focused on the tools, procedures and practices used by Maintenance and Reliability Professionals, by default, around the world, With better tools comes more efficient procedures, more reliable results, and higher confidence levels in decission making.

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2007 ●●●●● JLM Systems Introduces the OILMISER™ Reservoir Aspirator.


The ORA has two independent passageways in one body. The Inflow Control Gate lets outside air enter the reservoir through the air filter,
and prevents internal air from exiting through the air filter. The Exhaust Control Outlet is also a unidirectional passageway. Fumes and gasses
generated inside the reservoir, must exit through the ECO port, while replacement air can only re-enter through the ICG port. The ORA functions like the EGR valve used in modern automobile engines. Internal fumes and gasses can be piped out of the immediate work area where they can be safely released to atmosphere, or further conditioned at a remote location.

2005 ●●●●● JLM Systems Introduces the OILMISER™ Sample Tube


Oil Sampling and oil analysis has long been recognized as the essential yardstick for measuring the health of gearboxes and rotating lubricated machinery. The unique 3 piece design of the OILMISER™ Sampling Tube features a pitot tube with 4 times the inside area of conventional pitot tubes. Four times the area means ¼ the effort when using a hand held vacuum pump. Together with a host of gearbox air breathers, maintenance tools, and add-ons designed for true 24/7 Kidney-Loop Filtration, on gearboxes, JLM Systems with OILMISER™ Technology is a world class supplier for Reliability Centered Maintenance.

2004 ●●●●● JLM Systems Introduces the OILMISER™ Vapor Guard


Lubricating oil can only do the job when it stays inside the machinery it lubricates.
When it escapes to the outside, ● It’s a problem.
Any loss of lubricating oil is a maintenance alarm, a safety issue, a house keeping problem
and an environmental concern. Keep the oil on the inside, and the problems go away.
The OILMISER™ Vapor Guard is used on lubricated machinery that’s vented to atmosphere.
Oil mist from thermal expansion, and/or free oil splashing inside the equipment is trapped
within the Vapor Guard and not in the air filter. It then drains back into the machine.
An oil saturated air breather reduces the life of mechanical seals on rotating lubricated
machinery, in addition to contaminating the surrounding area with oil.

2003 ●●●●● JLM Systems Introduces the OILMISER™ Off-Line Filtration Kit


The benefits of Off-Line Filtration cannot be disputed.
Too often, the anticipated high cost of an Off-Line Filtration system is the
principle factor for delaying its implementation.
Designed as a simple retrofit for most hydraulic reservoirs, the OILMISER™
OFF-Line Filtration kit intstalls in minutes. It provides two ½' NPT female pipe ports
for the kidney-loop filtration system, an oil dialysis machine for lubricated equipment.
In one simple installation, all your oil management needs are met.
air quality ● fluid handling ● oil sampling ● off-line filtration.

2000 ●●●●● JLM Systems Adds Oil Sampling to the OILMISER™ FILLorDRAIN™


Oil sampling and oil analysis continues to give the best measure of fluid
cleanliness, and a snapshot of a machines condition and reliability.
Essential to the concept of condition based maintenance,
is the establishment of standardized practices and procedures.
By using the external sampling port on the new OILMISER™ FILLorDRAIN™
an oil sample could be safely drawn under operating conditions,
without invasive procedures at regularily schedualed intervals.
This eliminated many of the inconsistancies that had previously
challenged the confidence level of the oil analysis report.

1978 ●●●●● JLM Systems Introduces the OILMISER™ FILLorDRAIN™


In the mid 1970’s, the manufacturing sector was being motivated by the terms
reduce ● reuse ● recycle
while being driven by the need for
productivity ● efficiency ● reliability.
A major problem for the reliability of production equipment was contamination in oil
tanks, hydraulic reservoirs and machinery. The main causes were easy to identify.
ineffective air breathers & poor fluid handling procedures
The OILMISER™ FILLorDRAIN™ standardized fluid handling procedures, improved
reliability and increased productivity. It closed the loop on airborne contamination
when transfering oil from the drum to reservoir or from the reservoir to the drum.