John R. Adam and Sons Ltd.

John R. Adam and Sons Ltd.

John R. Adam and Sons Ltd. - processors and exporters of ferrous, non-ferrous and high-tech scrap metals. John R. Adam & Sons Limited is a third generation privately owned metal processing and exporting company. The company is a leading UK exporter and ships processed scrap direct to consumers worldwide

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Riverside Berth, King George V Dock, Renfrew Road , Glasgow , Scotland G51 4SD United Kingdom

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Waste and Recycling - Metal Recycling
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Globally (various continents)

JR Adam & Sons is a fourth generation family business, specialising in the processing of ferrous and non ferrous metals into high quality furnace feed, suitable for domestic and international smelters. The company has, over the years, responded to the environmental and quality standard challenges to recycle scrap metals into high grade raw materials. We have achieved this by continuously improving our operating plant and systems as well as striving to integrate innovative technology, to maximise the potential of waste recovery and recycling.

High Capacity Fragmentising and Separation
Within our plant at King George v Dock in Glasgow we operate a high capacity, sophisticated shredding plant, which is capable of processing in excess of 600 tonnes of steel per day. Much of the processed ferrous metal is exported direct to Europe via our deep water sea terminal, whilst non ferrous metals and other recovered materials are recycled into industry within Europe and the Far East by lorry and container.

SEPA Approved
As a result of our technology and capacity, we are recognised as one of the country’s leading metal processors and exporters. In addition, we utilise quality management systems, which are recognised and approved at Lloyds. In addition, we are accredited reprocessors through SEPA for packaging waste recovery. Such accreditation allows us to issue PERNs to obligated companies.

To support the capacity within our reprocessing plant, we operate a fleet of vehicles throughout Scotland and the North of England to collect scrap metal in various forms. To improve efficiency, we also employ our own, high capacity, mobile baling and shearing machinery, allowing us to prepare scrap, on customers’ sites, for economical transport to our plant in Govan.

As recyclers and processors of a wide variety of scrap metals and other materials, we have a requirement for all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Our high capacity reprocessing and recycling facility is capable of handling vast quantities of raw scrap, in various forms, from redundant motor vehicles, machinery, plate metal, piping, semi conductors and steel structures in various shapes and forms.

Mobile Bailing And Shearing

Our mobile baling and shearing equipment can be taken on site to compact large capacity scrap into suitable sizes, to be transported by our fleet of rolonof containers to our processing plant in Glasgow, where it is fragmented, separated and reintroduced into industry, both in Britain and abroad.

We offer customers the facility to recycle their aluminium can waste, whereby we will collect, crush and bale waste cans, which are reintroduced into the supply chain.

As part of the metals recycling process, other materials, such as plastics and glass are recovered as well and these are separated and passed to specialist companies to be recycled.

We operate a fleet of skip lorries and roll on offs carrying up to 32 metric tonnes gross, as well as articulated transport to service our factory Contracts throughout Scotland and the North of England.

To cater for the increased demand for metal can recycling, we operate a licensed can route centre where we receive and process end of use steel/tinned cans, which are then delivered to Corus Recycling, for reintroduction into the supply chain.