Jones Chemicals, Inc

JCI is the largest re-packager of Chlorine and one of the largest Industrial Bleach manufacturers in the world.When John Wiley Jones founded JCI in 1930 he envisioned a network of manufacturing and distribution facilities throughout the nation to serve water and waste-water purification needs. The company, now in its 4th generation, is living proof of this vision as measured by its reach not only in America, but throughout the world.

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1765 Ringling Blvd , Sarasota , Florida 34236 USA

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Water and Wastewater - Chemical Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)

JCI Jones Chemicals is dedicated to preserving and promoting the safety and purity of our world’s most valuable natural resources... water. No other element on earth is as critical to the preservation of life than water.

This is why safe, reliable drinking water should be available to all mankind for all the uses society demands and returned to the environment in an ecologically responsible manner. With this goal in mind we continue to expand our markets worldwide, in order to provide water purification chemicals to municipalities and private industries around the globe.

Reliable Service Since 1930
JCI is the largest re-packager of Chlorine and one of the largest Industrial Bleach manufacturers in the world. With this distinction, our customers know they can depend on us to provide:

  • Competitive pricing of an extensive product line
  • Long term supplier relationships insuring product availability
  • Reliable delivery service of product to a worldwide distribution network
  • Superior regulatory compliance in packaging, handling and shipping of products
  • Complimentary safety site assessments and product use and handling training
  • Significant JCI owned and operated transportation fleet
  • 24/7 Emergency Response Teams

Our Facilities
JCI operates from 11 manufacturing and distribution centers located across the United States.  Its corporate offices are in Sarasota, Florida. Each facility is unified and strengthened by a network of customer service professionals located at every site. Branch facilities have long-established relationships within each local community and interact directly with both multinational and local customers.

bartanksaJCI’s branches are strategically located near points of high demand, thereby assuring a consistent supply of product is available for delivery to our customers on time. Many of our branch locations serve as back-up resources for neighboring branches in the event that shortages or inclement weather conditions may be present. This is a strong benefit to our customers, ensuring a consistent level of support.

Our Commitment
Our nationwide team of dedicated sales, service and operations professionals share one common goal for the future of JCI. To manufacture and distribute the highest quality products and services to our customers safely and efficiently, and to offer our customers the highest level of courtesy and service.

Our Customers
Municipal Water Authorities in most cities worldwide rely heavily upon the products and services of JCI.  Chlorine and Chlorine Bleach is still considered to be the most effective means to insure the complete elimination of harmful microorganisms in water and to deliver water that is pathogen free to households and businesses.

In addition to water and waste water treatment products and services, JCI provides chemicals and services to the producers of:

  • pharmaceuticals
  • paper products
  • high-tech plastics
  • computers and components
  • food and beverage industries
  • cleaning products
  • automobile manufacture

JCI is continually looking to expand our markets even further as the need for chemical treatments and water purification is recognized globally.