Supplier of environmentally related equipment to the shipping industry. Products of Oily Water Treatment focus on removing oil in water before being discharged in to the nature. The newly certified 15 ppm Bilge Water Separator, JOWA 3 Sep OWS is approved according to MEPC 107(49). JOWA AB is also one of the world`s largest supplier of Oil Discharge Monitoring and Control Systems (ODMCS). Bilge water separator.

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Tulebovägen 104 , Kållered , SE-428 34 Sweden

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Monitoring and Testing
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Business vision

Technology for living oceans
Jowa has supplied the shipping industry with environmental protection equipment for more than 60 years and has earned a solid reputation. Our goal at Jowa is to continuously strive to manage and develop this goodwill. We are specialists in water treatment and protection of the marine environment. Our products are designed to contribute to the global ecology by protecting the marine environment with the latest and best technology. All our products are user friendly systems that are easy to install and operate.

We are proud to protect our oceans
We are all dependent on animal and plant life in our oceans remaining healthy and continuing to flourish. Issues relating to the marine environment are subject to strict rules and regulations. Jowa’s products are approved and recommended by a large number of leading authorities in marine legislation. Jowa is one of the leaders in the business area of environmentally friendly equipment and has strong research and development credentials.

We collaborate with respected academic institutions in order to maintain our position at the forefront of the latest industrial developments and to meet the growing competition in the market.


Initially, our company was called AB Brunnshygien and carried out analyses of well water. These analyses were carried out in the 1950s at Svenska Miljöskyddsbyrån, a company still active today but no longer in the field of water analysis.
Some years later, AB Brunnshygien became Jowa AB, based on the names of the two owners Jowén and Wallentin. Jowa began to sell separators to Götaverken, Kockums and other shipyards in Sweden in the 1970s. With the decline of the local shipbuilding industry, resulting in the closure of one shipyard after the other, we focused on the export market in Denmark, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands. The strategy paid off and its activities expanded steadily from year to year.

New markets like rings on the water
When Jan Seehuusen took over the company in 1992, our activities were expanded to the rest of the world. New markets emerged like rings on the water in Japan, USA, Singapore and China. Today, Jowa’s principal markets are China and South Korea.

Large developing markets are Vietnam, often described as the “new China”, and India. Jowa is already very active in these countries and closely follows the emerging South American market, which shows great potential in the offshore industry.

The largest market for Jowa’s marine products is China and our largest subsidiary, with 90 employees, is located in Shanghai and Shaoxing. Here we have a sales, service office and our fully equipped engineering workshop. In the workshop certain important components are manufactured and then sent to our factory in Goteborg, Sweden, where everything is assembled and tested.

Our USA subsidiary designs, manufactures, sells and services tank level measurement equipment.

Our other subsidiaries’ local offices are located in the following cities and countries: Drammen in Norway, Rostock in Germany, Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Pusan in South Korea and Singapore.

Our personnel and the environment at Jowa

Jowa in Goteborg has around 60 employees – this includes the product development group, which is tasked with developing cutting edge technology for electronic and mechanical production, as well shipping, receiving, purchasing and sales and marketing. All our personnel feel a keen sense of responsibility for ensuring that everything functions at every stage of the process through final assembly, testing and the products delivery.

Because of the qualified environmental products we develop, manufacture and sell, all our activities are guided by consideration for the environment.

For us, the environment in our factories is very important. With this in mind, our head office and factory in Sweden is ISO 9000 & ISO 14001 certified in accordance with BV. The Shanghai office’s engineering workshop has been ISO 9000 certified by CCS.