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  • Odour Control Cover

  • ALUSPHERE - Aluminium Domes

    ALUSPHERE - Aluminium Domes

    ALUSPHERE aluminium domes are versatile solid structures made entirely of aluminium, suitable for circular process units.  They are lightweight, corrosion resistant and maintenance free. Aluminum will not rust like steel and do not degrade with UV rays like GRP. The design of the domes allows to cover large spans without intermediate supports and they transmit minimal stresses to the structures on which they rest. The triangular panels add...

  • ALUPLAN - Aluminium Flat Cover

    ALUPLAN - Aluminium Flat Cover

    ALUPLAN roofs are formed with aluminiun modules with omega cross section. They are supported on existing structures and auxiliary works are not necessary in most cases. The panels that make the cover are easily removable, facilitating maintenance and operation of process units. They are very versative, adapting to different geometries of equipment: channels, thickeners, Archimedean screws, etc.. Its flat shape reduces the air flow to be treated and...

  • Odour Control Systems

  • BIODORTECH - High Performance Biofilter

    BIODORTECH - High Performance Biofilter

    Treatment systems for polluted gaseous effluent are gaining significant importance compared to conventional systems due to their effectiveness, low cost and acceptance from an environmental perspective.  Biofilters operate thanks to the activity of microorganisms that degrade gaseous pollutants. The spectrum of pollutants removed by biofilters is broader than by any other deodorization technique. Biofilters also have lower operating and...

  • Advance Filtration System

    Advance Filtration System

    The filtration equipment provide an air purification system with a low initial investment cost compared to other technologies. The activated carbon provides an exellent  porous media for trapping volatile organic compounds by physical adsorption. Impregnated carbon reacts chemically with gaseous specific pollutants changing them into non-volatile and non-odorous compounds. Medium to high flow rates with low pollution load can be treated with...

  • Biofilter Containment System

  • Biofilter Containment System

    Biofilter Containment System

    The most cost effective system to contain large volumes of air from biofilter units is an aluminium cover. This is made of modular walls with a waterproof plastic geomembrane which is welded on site. The modular system allows for easy change incover dimensions if necessary. The air retaining system should enclose the biofilter to prevent weather conditions affecting  water distribution and odour dispersion. The cover allows air sampling and...

  • Evaporation Control

  • FLOATEC - Floating Covers

    FLOATEC - Floating Covers

    High evaporation rates in some regions along with the cost of water for irrigation make floating covers a great investment to reduce water loss by evaporation.

  • Water Conservation

  • FLOATEC - Potable Water Conservation System

    FLOATEC - Potable Water Conservation System

    Water is a vital resource for humans and the right to safe drinking water and sanitation is officially recognized by various international organizations. Among the activities that ensure access to drinking water are the construction of reservoirs, treatment plants, water purification units,  and distribution networks. FLOATEC floating covers offer an ideal solution for the coverage of potable water tanks. Sealable geomembranes made of...