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  • Odour Control Systems

  • BIODORTECH - High Performance Biofilter

    BIODORTECH - High Performance Biofilter

    Treatment systems for polluted gaseous effluent are gaining significant importance compared to conventional systems due to their effectiveness, low cost and acceptance from an environmental perspective.  Biofilters operate thanks to the activity of microorganisms that degrade gaseous pollutants. The spectrum of pollutants removed by biofilters is broader than by any other deodorization technique. Biofilters also have lower operating and...

  • Advance Filtration System

    Advance Filtration System

    The filtration equipment provide an air purification system with a low initial investment cost compared to other technologies. The activated carbon provides an exellent  porous media for trapping volatile organic compounds by physical adsorption. Impregnated carbon reacts chemically with gaseous specific pollutants changing them into non-volatile and non-odorous compounds. Medium to high flow rates with low pollution load can be treated with...