Jurby WaterTech International

Jurby WaterTech International

Jurby WaterTech International

Jurby WaterTech International - actively developing, international, technologically integrated engineering and chemical company working in the fields of water and waste water treatment.

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1st Floor, 1 St, Andrew`s Hill , London , London EC4V 5BY United Kingdom
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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)

The history of Jurby WaterTech International, the international engineering company, comes back to the Year 1992 when it started its operation from a small trading company. Rapidly growing and constantly improving and acquiring the latest technologies, the company proceeded to rendering of the more large-scale and integrated services in the field of water treatment, processing, purification and use.

For over seventeen years, general ideology, unitary standard and professional approach to solving the assigned problems hold the specialists of our company together. At present, Jurby WaterTech International is a leading European engineering and technology company offering its clients the guaranteed best solutions in the field of industrial and domestic/portable water purification and treatment.

The water treatment systems, technologies and chemical products of the Company are successfully used at over 300 major enterprises of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries of the world on almost all planet continents. The enterprises of all industries and sizes ranging from oil holdings and large manufacturing establishments to comparatively small-scale productions are among the users of our services and technologies.

The offices of Jurby WaterTech International are located in London, Amsterdam. Moscow, Kiev and Kaunas. The company owns the in-house storage facilities and logistics centres in Moscow (Russia), Kiev (Ukraine) and Kaunas (Lithuania).

Company philosophy


Our attitude to everything we do is conscious. We set a goal to make a significant contribution to both the development of our industry and building of ecological human thinking. Our knowledge, expertise and capabilities are aimed at conserving water resources of the planet and concern for one of the core planetary resources.


We treat our team members, partners and customers with mutual respect and trust. Together we achieve great results. We relish the teamwork and are proud of our achievements.


We offer high-quality products and services and solve real-life tasks and problems rather than create them artificially. We are sincerely interested in providing our customers with active help not compromising on matters of ethical principles.


We set agressive and challenging goals and achieve them. We recognize that we live in a unique time when our experience, products and services can improve the living and working conditions of millions of people. We are not afraid to meet challenges and know diat it's only those who do nothing that make no mistakes.

Leading by example

We are sure that leading by example is the most efficient management tool.


We take the definition of quoliry comprehensively. We work on development of quality products that can improve the living standards of every person.

Creativity, inspiration and beauty

Creativity is an integral element of our work. We strive for beauty and aesthetics in everything we do. Our products must be of high quality not only technologically, but they also have to be ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing. We approach each new project with creative inspiration as if it is a new art object. It is important for us to know that a Customer feels inspired of operation of our equipment. Our products are not only reliable, but also of elegant design, that is highly valued by our Customers.

Corporate values

Quality. We seek to continuously improve the quality of our performance and products and services we deliver. We will never make a trade-off between quality and revenue.

Pride. We are very proud of the work we, our colleagues and the company team at large do. Our work is interesting and also it is beneficial to the society.

Integrity. Lies, covering up problems and fear of telling the truth - all of this is the destiny of persons of no character and no principles.

Creativity and enthusiasm. We cherish creative initiatives and new ideas. We are open to discussion of even most crazy ideas.

Drive for results. Our work always has its outcomes. We evaluate our work on the basis of outcomes achieved.

Transparency. All information is available to company staff. Each employee may request any company information, even if this information is outside his area of competence, but is required to perform his duties.

Professionalism of employees. Specialist's professional skills and moral qualities are key factors in making decisions
regarding the assignment to 3 certain position in the company. The Company values :ne spirit of cooperation and pursuit of self-education and professional development. Each employee has opportunities to advance his career.

Decency. The Company is guided by generally accepted standards of morality. Honesty, working relationship, spirit of united and cohesive team, mutual aid and fairness are among the basic principles the company applies in its business.

Dependability. The company's attitude to its obligations is responsible. We are all sensible of our responsibility for both everyone and the common cause.

Fair prices. The Customer's financial results often depend on our decisions. Thus, we try to remain modest and fair even in solving nearly impossible tasks. We do not take advantage of the customer's ignorance and offer reasonable prices corresponding to the level of complexity of the project.

Traditions. We respect the company traditions established over the years. We established a whole 'school' of professionals, proficient in their field and developed a number of unique solutions and projects in our field. We are proud of our vast experience.

Innovation. We exert our best efforts to make our Customers more competitive. The Customers choose us and we are held liable for them. We seek the leadership, always look to the future and try not to lose the opportunities for learning and development.

Jurby WaterTech International implements the most innovative and high performance technologies for water treatment, purification and use in all spheres of human life.

We are focused on solving the tasks of sustainable use and protection of water resources taking into account the individual customer's needs and environmental requirements.

Engineering Division

The Engineering Division of Jurby WaterTech International offers superior process engineering solutions and high-quality execution of projects in the field of industrial and domestic / potable water purification and treatment. The Engineering Division is an obvious leader in provision of superior solutions and qualitative services in the field of water treatment in Eastern and Central European countries.
Superior technological solutions and high-quality project execution - unique integrated production process at the Engineering Division that involves:

  • High-level solutions based on the state-of-the-art technologies and experience of their application, taking into account the requirements of the client
  • Complete, accurate and detailed planning and design from process solutions through to schemes of automation and ACS TP programming at our own specialized design department.
  • Unique production entirely in-house, using up-to-date methods and in accordance with Quality Management System ISO 9001 giving guaranteed quality and reliability
  • Complete and accurate preparation of installation documentation, as mis influences markedly terms, quality and costs of construction and erection work
  • Qualitative, timely performance of contract-supervision, installation, set up and commissioning work
  • Guaranteed in-house provision of full package of customer documentation for entire water treatment system.
  • Highly professional and effective project management system during all stages of execution
  • Experience in 'turnkey' contract fulfilment on EPC(M) and general contract terms
  • Warranty servicing and quality after-service

This unique integrated process provides significant competitive advantages regarding the quality of process solutions, terms and costs of projects of any complexity. In the areas of Eastern and Central Europe, no other company provides such competitive advantages in the field of water treatment.

Chemical Water Treatment Division

The Chemical Water Treatment Division of Jurby WaterTech International offers secure, high-performance chemical technologies and complete custom-tailored service for stabilization and correction of water treatment at industrial enterprises. As a developer of technologies, a producer of chemical reagents under the JurbySoft® and ROptima® brand names the Company has a leading position in many industrial sectors due to providing high-performance solutions and superior service to companies in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, other CIS-countries including Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Leading industrial companies from power engineering, petroleum chemistry, petroleum refinirg. agriculture chemistry and chemistry sectors, metallurgy, food and light industries have been customers of the Chemical Water Treatment Division for over 17 years.

Chemical water treatment technologies and products JurbySoft® are intended for correction and stabilization of different industrial water systems, namely:

  • Cooling systems for circulating water supply
  • Ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membrane systems
  • Steam and water heating boilers
  • Heating systems

Chemical water treatment technologies and products JurbySoft® are solving the following actual problems for the customers:

  • Corrosiveness;
  • Scale and sedimentation;
  • Impurities in technological water;
  • Microbiological activeness and others.

Our technological solutions are followed by the system of complete integrated servicing of clients' installations, which includes:

  • Examination by experts and analysis of system operation and its water-chemical treatment;
  • Identification of problems and making decisions regarding technological solutions;
  • Calculation of effective JurbySofts'or ROptima® chemical treatment programme;
  • Technical and commercial justification, presentation and discussion of the proposal;
  • Dosing system design and manufacturing;
  • Timely delivery of chemical reagents and dosing equipment;
  • Coordination with the customer and presentation of the installation plan, commissioning works, service and personnel training;
  • Set-up and optimization of treatment performance with follow-up service;
  • Personnel training and operating schedule card setting-up, consulting;
  • Periodic attendance in order to carry out monitoring of operation.
  • Our engineers will stay at your site for as long as necessary.