Just Suk It Up Limited

Just Suk It Up Limited

Just Suk It Up! is a Canadian Manufacturer of Absorbent and Spill-Containment Mats. Easy and cost-effective, the Just Suk It Up! mat protects surfaces from water, oil, fuel and chemical leaks when placed underneath sinks, coffee makers, boots, motorcycles, generators, compressors, hydraulic equipment, pumps... the list goes on. The Layers within the Just Suk It Up! mat are laminated together with a proprietary adhesive. They are then secured with a lock-stitched border that is sewn along the outer edge of the mat. Many of our mats feature a top Grid that withstands the heaviest of uses, allowing fluid to drain through to the engineered core, made of Recycled cotton fibre or Reclaimed material, trapping water, hydraulic and transmission fluids, diesel fuel, gasoline, motor oils, lubricants, and chemicals.

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Oil Spills
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Nationally (across the country)

Leak-proof, our mat features a 3 Mil, low-density, polyethylene Backing designed to withstand tearing on rough surfaces, preventing leaks while protecting your surface area.

When required, simply remove the mat to Clean, Reuse, Recycle or Dispose* (dependent on spill).

*if required, dispose according to local by-laws.