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Justice Innovations was founded in 1982 by Jeff Justice, one of the world`s leading chromatography software engineers, responsible for the design and development of the Nelson Analytical chromatography data systems of the early 1980`s. The Chromperfect chromatography data system was introduced to the analytical laboratory market shortly after formation. Justice Innovations was among the first to offer an economical PC-based CDS solution to analytical laboratories and Chromperfect was deemed an innovation in concept and design. Chromperfect, first released in 1982, is still manufactured in the USA by a privately owned and managed company. There are now over 10,000 systems installed worldwide, supported by a network of global offices and distributors.

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23 Church Street , Denville , New Jersey 07834 USA

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Software vendor
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Monitoring and Testing - Laboratory Equipment
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Globally (various continents)
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Since then, the Chromperfect brand has been regarded as the market leader in chromatography data systems, chromatography application software and data acquisition devices. Today, the company is known as Justice Laboratory Software, a division of Justice Innovations, Inc., and the focus of the company remains the same: to design and develop superior chromatography data systems capable of acquiring chromatography data from any chromatograph available. Chromperfect has also been developed with modern security and regulatory considerations in mind. All chromatography data systems produced by Justice Laboratory Software offer complete data security, auditing, and automation features, but retain the ease of use that customers have come to expect from Chromperfect.

Compatibility from MS DOS to Windows 8 - Only Chromperfect!

Chromperfect is the only CDS that has never abandoned a single customer.  With an unbroken backward compatibility path to the fist ever system sold in 1982.   Our core business is offering an alternative to customers who have been abandoned by their chromatography software vendors.   In many cases when companies have been taken over or merged with large instrumentation groups, the software used by thousands of customers is simply discontinued with no clear upgrade path.   We are proud of our history, and never abandon our customers in this way.  Chromperfect has maintained an unbroken program of backward compatibility with our previous software versions.  This gives Chromperfect customers the confidence that we will offer an affordable and sustained upgrade path for them in the future.  No matter what happens in the broader IT or instrumentation market, Chromperfect will continue to offer market leading, modern and affordable solutions for our customers!

OEM/Custom Software Solutions
In addition to thousands of an end-user customers, Justice Laboratory Software have a long history of providing customised software solutions for OEM partners.  We are actively seeking new partner opportunities.  If you are looking for a software development partner contact us today to discuss your requirements.