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  • Geosynthetics

  • JUTA Junifol - Raw Materials

    JUTA Junifol - Raw Materials

    High-quality raw materials (PE-HD, PE-LLD or PP granulates) are used in the process of manufacturing Junifol. Only a few additives are being used in order to secure long-lasting high quality properties of the product even in the most demanding environments and applications - carbon black, thermo-stabilizers, or - in some particular cases - UV stabilizers.The products included in JUNIFOL® manufacturing line do not contain any plasticizers or...

  • JUTA Geojutex - Geosynthetic Product

    JUTA Geojutex - Geosynthetic Product

    Woven geotextiles GEOJUTEX geotextiles are geosynthetic products used in building & construction industry, made from polypropylene tapes using weaving looms. The main attribute of this product line is high tensile strength value at low elongation rate.Tensile strength of GEOJUTEX fabrics ranges from 10 to 80 kN/m, standard colour of the material offered is black.Woven geotextiles 10 and 15 kN/m are supplied in rolls 5,25 m wide, roll width of the...

  • JUTA Petexdren - Drainage Mat

    JUTA Petexdren - Drainage Mat

    Drainage mat made of omni-directionally oriented polyethylene filaments. It is being manufactured in a variety of thicknesses and areal weights according to the existing requirements for in-plain flow capacity.

  • JUTA Jutenon - Model EC - Natural Material-Based Nets

    JUTA Jutenon - Model EC - Natural Material-Based Nets

    Natural material-based (jute, coconut fibres) nets serving as anti-erosion slope protection materials. The products help the vegetation to quickly and firmly take a root in the soil, protecting it from drying-out at the same time.