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  • JVK - Squeeze Indicator for Membrane Chamber Plates

    JVK - Squeeze Indicator for Membrane Chamber Plates

    Squeezing indicator working on the basis of the flotation principle shows equilibrium position when no squeezing media is flowing As far as the cake can be further compressed the indicator will remain deflected showing that the squeezing process is not yet finished At maximum deflection the full cross area of the flow channel is opened In case of a membrane plate leak the indicator deflects contrary to all the other indicators and thus locates loss of...

  • JVK - Polypropylene Filter Plates

    JVK - Polypropylene Filter Plates

    The effectiveness of a filter apparatus depends on the construction and the material of the filter medium support tray. Some common materials are wood, aluminium, cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel and material compounds out of steel and rubber. These elements are showing a lot of disadvantages as for example low chemical and corrosion resistance, high weight , unfavourable drainage, considerable abrasion, limited working life, fluid absorbency...