K and R Safety LLC

K and R Safety, LLC (“K & R”) is a safety consulting and training firm that provides “Production Oriented Solutions” to safety concerns. Our primary commitment is to protect our clients and their employees’ at the most economic and affordable price possible (typically 50% of a full time employee). Our commitment is facilitated by emphasizing personal relationships during our engagement with ongoing emphasis on quality, satisfaction of our client, and professionalism during all phases of our engagement.

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1207 W Centre , Artesia , New Mexico 88210 USA

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Business Type:
Consulting firm
Industry Type:
Health and Safety - Health and Safety Consulting and Engineering
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)
Year Founded:
100,000,000 - 1,000,000,000 €

With the continuous increase in Worker’s Compensation and General Liability insurance, the ever- increasing state and federal regulations, and continued OSHA compliance inspections, a strong and effective safety program is essential to the longevity of a company. K & R Safety’s efforts are directed so the customer can manage their business with our consulting services and over time, use less and less of our services.

Background: K & R Safety personnel have provided a wide variety of services in construction, manufacturing, emergency response and hazardous waste operations. Our personnel have operated as company Safety Director’s, Loss Control Specialists, Site Safety Officers, and Safety Consultants. The variety of experience and knowledge our personnel have obtained is utilized to provide our clients with effective techniques required to develop, implement and maintain an effective safety program.

K & R Safety is established on the philosophy of providing realistic, production oriented solutions to protect our clients, our client’s employees and our client’s assets. K and R Safety personnel will tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. The purpose of K & R Safety is to assist in decreasing our client’s worker’s compensation and general liability insurance, meeting local, state and federal regulations, minimizing our client’s liability and preventing additional injuries and/or incidents.

Company values: Be honest about all findings and recommendations, be realistic about the recommendations, be flexible to clients needs and exceed all expectations.

Affordability: K & R Safety believes the most costly program of safety in any organization is NOT HAVING a formalized commitment to safety. Without a formal commitment, companies experience high insurance rates, high worker's compensation cost, and the ongoing cost of replacement workers. In addition, there is the unmeasured cost associated with pain and suffering and low employee morale. K & R utilizes an approach that provides realistic production oriented solutions at affordable prices with the objective of improving both the client's bottom line as well as employee morale. K & R provides both full safety program capabilities as well as specialized activities in areas such as training supervision and employees, assistance in locating effective safety personnel as well as providing up to date pertinent safety information and statistics. We assist out clients in prioritizing their needs to ensure they receive the precise service needed under the circumstances. Long-term affordable service options are also available.

Results: A strong safety program, when implemented correctly, should result in decreased worker's compensation cost, lowering the experience modifier, and a decrease in the frequency and severity of incidents. Employee’s retention, motivation, loyalty and productivity are typically increased with a strong safety program.

Auditing Services: K & R Safety can audit your facility/site as frequently as you desire. Each audit report includes all findings with recommendations for corrective action. Many items are typically resolved during the course of an audit. Our firm assists the client in prioritizing findings to minimize corporate and personnel exposure. Audits can be accomplished either as an independent activity supportive of a broader in house safety program or be a component of an overall integrated safety program designed and installed by K & R.

Training: Training is critical to meeting the requirements established by state and federal regulations. We present realistic training that meets the OSHA requirements (General Industry Requirements and Construction Industry Requirements) and still provide information that can be used in your workplace. We tailor safety training to meet your specific needs.

Training is the cornerstone of verifying employees have been informed of the requirements that have been established by a company and can also be used to verify that an employer has conducted due diligence in ensuring the employees safety.

We understand that training cannot always be held in a classroom setting. Therefore, have developed programs that can be conducted in the field as well as in a classroom setting.

Written Program: K & R Safety will provide every procedure in written form and on diskette so that revisions can be made by the client on an as needed basis. Programs are designed to meet the client's requirements and organizational structure. As regulations change, we notify the client of those changes that could affect their process.