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  • Water Treatment - Pumps

  • Kamps - Pumping Station

    Kamps - Pumping Station

    Kamps designs and delivers pumping stations for several applications from drinking water supply or irrigation to sewage.This activity is closely linked to the water treatment  process where Kamps has more than 60 years experience. Kamps finds solutions, and adapts its product to respond to the specific requirements of the customer and the situation.

  • Kamps - Dredging Pontoons for Ponds and Lagoon

    Kamps - Dredging Pontoons for Ponds and Lagoon

    In lagoon and in some lacs and ponds, the organic sludge settle in the bottom reducing the volume of the water ponds. More important, when this sludge is not stabilised it will create odours and process perturbation due to anaerobic sludge.. Anaerobic decay produces toxic gas which will come some or later in the atmosphere. The methane gas has a very negative effect on greenhouse gas…that humanity try to reduce for avoiding climate change....

  • Kamps - Water Storage System

    Kamps - Water Storage System

    Kamps design the steel structure for the realisation of water tower. The structure is very easy for transportation and  local assembly . Water storage allow an simple pressure regulation on the net and is also a very easy system to storage energy by using solar pump without grid connexion. The study of those tanks are done by finite element analysis and according customer request (ground, wind speed, …).