Kando provides a smart water solution that detects early stage water events within the upstream wastewater network and offers real-time insights for the water management team to help them prevent harmful events damaging the network and wastewater treatment plant process. Kando`s solution enables water utilities and industrial customers the ability to sense, detect, react to water events, such as early stage pollution, in real-time. Kando game-changing IoT solution is offered as a cloud based SaaS solution together with our unique wireless hardware measurement units that allow collecting real-time data from the sewage network. Our innovative, proprietary machine learning and data analytics tools enable our customers to see their network in a way that has never been previously possible.

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8 Tsur St. , Tsur Yigal , 3095003 Israel
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Business Type:
Software vendor
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Water Monitoring and Testing
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
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