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Kappe Associates, Inc.

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Services by Biorem Technologies Inc.

Services by Trojan Technologies - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation

  • Microbiology Laboratory Service

    Microbiology Laboratory Service

    The goal of our Microbiology Lab is to provide the highest quality analysis and service to our customers. We support a full range of organizations including environmental specialists, engineering and consulting firms, and drinking water and wastewater treatment plants all across North America. We also provide services to government and university researchers, federal and state-funded research projects, and well-recognized water organizations and...

  • Piloting Service

    Piloting Service

    Our Pilot Team strives to provide our customers with reliable, responsive, quality solutions to all their piloting questions and needs. In every pilot, our goal is to ensure our customers feel confident in our reactor's performance and comfortable in operation and maintenance of the Trojan system.

Services by Air Diffusion Systems (ADS)

  • Wastewater Treatment

    Wastewater Treatment

    For more than 50 years, ADS has specialized in the biological treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater. We are committed to providing our clients with the greatest cost benefit, utilizing the most innovative treatment technologies available. ADS fine bubble aeration systems are designed to meet or exceed all permitted effluent requirements and treatment goals.  With hundreds of installed systems, ADS is proud to offer an industry leading...

  • Freshwater Treatment

    Freshwater Treatment

    ADS aeration can rejuvenate water quality in all freshwater applications, including lakes, ponds, drinking water reservoirs, retention basins, rivers, etc. By diffusing oxygen from the bottom, ADS fine bubble aeration creates currents of rising and falling water, mixing and oxygenating the entire water column.

  • Water Tanks Treatment

    Water Tanks Treatment

    ADS fine bubble aeration is an effective method to provide oxygenation and mixing for many types of water storage tanks, including: Potable water tanks - to reduce THMs and other disinfection by-products, Fracking tanks - to reduce hydrocarbon waste, Industrial wastewater  - Homogenizes the waste stream, reducing COD, VOCs, and other pollutants.

Services by Sulzer Ltd.

  • Electro-Mechanical Services - Engineering and Technical Support

  • High-Speed and At-Speed Balancing Services

    High-Speed and At-Speed Balancing Services

    Do you need balancing services for turbine, compressor and generator rotors up to 125,000 lbs (62.5 tons) at low speed and up to 50,000 lbs (25 tons) at full operational speed? Contact Sulzer for high-speed or at-speed balancing by our experienced technicians and engineers.

  • Turbine Rotor Lifetime Assessment Services

    Turbine Rotor Lifetime Assessment Services

    Turbine rotors of gas and steam turbines can be greatly affected by stress, fatigue, corrosion, embrittlement, or cracking. All these factors can limit operational lifetime. Our lifetime assessment can maximize the life cycle of your rotor.

  • Electro-Mechanical Services - Equipment Supported

  • Low Voltage Motor and Drive System Repairs

    Low Voltage Motor and Drive System Repairs

    Based on in-depth expertise in repairing AC motors and drives, our repair services include on-site support and preventative maintenance contracts. We help you save energy by using variable-frequency drive technology.

  • General Mechanical Services

  • Bearing Repairs

    Bearing Repairs

    Do you have bearings needing repair? Sulzer repairs bearings by using white metal/babbitt replacement to extend the lifetime of your equipment. We offer high-quality service with a fast turnaround time to help get your equipment back on stream quickly.

  • Dynamic Balancing for Improved Operation

    Dynamic Balancing for Improved Operation

    Dynamic balancing is standard practice for reducing bearing load and running noise. Dynamic balancing after a repair can increase the lifetime and efficiency of your rotating equipment.

  • Process Technology - Complete Process Plants

  • Life Cycle Management

    Life Cycle Management

    We strive to deliver outstanding service to our customers: solutions that can be implemented at any time to increase service life, improve availability, reduce emissions, or simply deliver the right parts and labor quickly. We have significantly expanded and improved our global after-sales network.

  • Detail Engineering Services

    Detail Engineering Services

    Our team of engineers and technicians will define in detail all the required information when designing your process plant solution, and will provide you with clear and professional documents.

Services by Monroe Environmental Corporation

  • Replacement Parts & Service

    Replacement Parts & Service

    Monroe Environmental offers a wide range of replacement parts for all of our pollution control systems. We can also supply replacement parts for non-Monroe units. Order replacement parts for your system and we will ship them directly. Or, if your equipment requires a more extensive upgrade, Monroe provides a variety of repair and refurbishment services to ensure that your equipment will last a lifetime.

Services by Centrisys/CNP

  • Sample Analysis + Pilot Testing Services

    Sample Analysis + Pilot Testing Services

    A first step, small-scale sample analysis gives our customers better insight into their process feasibility, optimization, equipment scaling and how to maximize efficiencies. Sludge samples are tested and analyzed, the data is reviewed - with recommendations for next steps by our Process Engineers and R&D Teams.

  • Decanter Centrifuge Repair Services

    Decanter Centrifuge Repair Services

    Urgent Centrifuge Repair Response, Because You Can't Afford to Wait. We’re here when you need us most. We provide repair, rebuild, fabrication and remanufacturing services for all makes, models and brands of decanter centrifuges. We understand dewatering applications are not all the same, and it’s our job to make sure you always get the most out of your separation equipment.

  • Centrifuge Parts Services

    Centrifuge Parts Services

    Maximize Your Up-Time with a Centrifuge Parts Supplier You Can Rely On. At Centrisys, we understand the urgency of delivering centrifuge replacement parts when you need them. In-Stock Decanter Centrifuge Parts Ensure Prompt Delivery. It's simple. If you don't have the centrifuge part you need, your decanter centrifuge can't be repaired. That is why the Centrisys centrifuge parts warehouse has an inventory of over $9 million centrifuge parts.

Services by RUHRPUMPEN GmbH

  • Engineering Services

    Engineering Services

    Our experienced staff is available to support all of your pumping needs. Services include: Vibration analysis, Material recommendations, Pump selection, Upgrade support, Failure analysis, Performance testing.

  • Service & Spares

    Service & Spares

    Ruhrpumpen has the capability to give service and repair on centrifugal horizontal and vertical pumps, service include: Horizontal pumps repairs (Boiler Feed Water / Refinery Services and Pipeline). Complete overhaul including welding and machining. Competitor pump upgrades and refurbishments. Rebowl of existing pumps (both Ruhrpumpen and competitors). Repair of Byron Jackson submersible motors and pumps. Cryogenic pump and turbine repair services....

  • Field Service

    Field Service

    Ruhrpumpen field service engineers will mobilize immediately to ensure your downtime is as short as possible. Available for worldwide assignments, our senior engineers and field service specialists will review your equipment failure and in special occasions they can dispatch their expertise within 24 hours.

Services by A3-USA, Inc.

  • Innovative Environmental Solutions

    Innovative Environmental Solutions

    In addition to the in-house membrane technology (Membrane Bioreactors, Process Water & Wastewater Membrane Treatment Plants) and CONTEC coarse & fine screens, A3-USA works in collaboration with Team Gemini, Ecohouse, and Roediger to provide green housing developments with state-of-the-art MBR technology to enable recycling and reuse of water within the community.