KASSAY Field Services, Inc.

KASSAY is a supplier of specialized FTIR field spectrometers used for vapor leak detection, analysis of toxic gas plumes, and ambient air monitoring of greenhouse gas. FTIR instruments can be configured for open path remote sensing, extractive cell based monitoring or traditional laboratory spectroscopy. For 15 years, we have been the worldwide supplier of the RAM2000 open path FTIR spectrometer.

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190 Eagleview Drive , Mohrsville , 19541 Pennsylvania, USA

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Monitoring and Testing - Leak Detection
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Globally (various continents)

KASSAY Field Services, Inc. is the nations foremost provider of open path FTIR sales, leases and services for gas detection and ambient air monitoring. The company was founded in 1996 to deliver technically sound solutions using remote sensing methods. Open path FTIR and uv systems have been deployed in Asia, South America, Canada, the Caribbean, Middle East and United States. 

We are the exclusive provider for the RAM2000 product line. AIL Systems created the RAM2000 product line in 1995, then merged with EDO Defense Systems in 2000. In 2007 EDO became part of ITT Corporation, a high-technology engineering and manufacturing corporation with more than 40,000 employees worldwide. Kassay has supported the RAM2000 product since inception. The RAM2000 is distinguished as the only open path FTIR that completed the USEPA's Environmental Technology Verification Program (ETV). KASSAY specializes in applying EPA method TO-16: Open path FTIR monitoring of atmospheric gases.

KASSAY maintains installed fence line and perimeter gas monitoring systems for industrial clients that require early warning of chemical releases. Many of the installed systems include continuous output and alarming for potentially harmful vapors.