Kawak Aviation Technologies

We are a manufacture of a clean hydraulic spray system for agriculture. Our system is used for precision and variable rate spraying and eliminates waste and over-spray. We fill the needs of our customers by listening to what their challenges are. We find solutions for them such as our throttle quadrants for Air Tractors and Thrush. We have created a safe system to keep your planes in feather with out slipping or taking off un-commanded.

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Carmen Loop, Suite 102 , Bend , OR 20690 USA

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Globally (various continents)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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To the West we have the ever abundant mountains, lakes and rivers and to the East we have miles  of intriguing desert lands and vistas.

Kawak Aviation Technologies has had many great projects throughout it’s years in the aviation industry. A few of our largest were the motion control and propulsion systems for the Blue Devil ll Airship, a military unmanned vehicle for the Air Force, the redesign of a Boeing 757 cargo door’s hydraulics (for Precision Conversions) and the Air Tractor GPS driven, hydraulic gate box controls for agricultural aviation spraying.

In 1996, we designed our first ancillary hydraulic system for the Bell OH-58 / 206B helicopter. It was the first reliable high output after market variable hydraulic drive for rotary wing aircraft.

A string of hydraulic helicopter systems followed; the SA315B Lama, Bell 212/ 412 in both high flow and firefighting configurations, CH54B Sky Crane, B47, Hiller, Hughes 500, UH-B, H, L, & K, S64E & F, S-61, K-1200, etc. Many of these required our engineers  to design a gear reduction box in order to draw power from the engine gearbox or rotor transmission.

Kawak finds a niche in Firefighting…

Kawak Aviation entered the helicopter firefighting arena, initially with high output electric and hydraulic driven hover pumps. Soon other options for the aviation industry were added to the list.  These were in the form of hydraulic fire tank door controls for two configurations of the Sikorsky S-61 helicopter, followed by the development and certification of a riveted aluminum fire tank for the Kaman Corporation’s K-1200 K-MAX helicopter. The  K-MAX heli-tanker features the exclusive Kawak Aviation designed 700-gallon fixed-tank system.

Kawak moves into the Unmanned Aviation Vehicle sector

Kawak’s capabilities are unparalleled when it comes to engineering, design and manufacturing of special projects in the aviation field. Kawak’s extensive knowledge and experience in propulsion and motion control awarded us a project as subcontractor to Prime Contractor Mav6. Kawak designed and supplied the 1100 HP VTOL and 450 HP lateral propulsion systems for the MAV6, Blue Devil II airship  the worlds largest UAV. The project took only 16 months for Kawak to finish including manufacturing of the very unique and specific test rig for the turbine engines.

Kawak works with Precision Agriculture Technology...

Kawak Aviation partnered with Air Repair in Mississippi, to develop the most comprehensive aerial application system ever produced. A system that combines the most advanced technology available between airframe, GPS, and Kawak’s agriculture aviation spray delivery system. An FAA STC certified product that has been proven to save farmers time and money. An application that can be tailored to meet your specific spray needs.