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  • Finishing Pipe Cleaning Nozzle

    When contractors or municipalities “finish” a pipe cleaning job, they often view streaks on the pipe walls during their live feed camera inspection. These “streaks” are grease residue that has not been removed by the other cleaning processes. KEG offers our Rotor Nozzle for this purpose. The free-spinning Rotor Nozzle will remove those last grease deposits, along with tender roots and other vegetation, to “ensure perfectly cleaned pipe and a finished job,”

  • KEG - Rotor Nozzle

    KEG - Rotor Nozzle

    KEG’s Rotor Nozzles are an excellent tool for complete pipe cleaning when removing the remnants of grease, roots, and scale before camera inspections. It should be noted, however, that a Rotor Nozzle is NOT a cleaning nozzle and should not be used in cleaning applications. Rotor Nozzles are intended to remove the grease and sludge that remain in lines after an 80 percent cleaning has been accomplished. Sludge is the adhesive for the next clog to...