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  • Pipe Cleaning Accessories

  • KEG - Replaceable Inserts

    KEG - Replaceable Inserts

    The purpose of the inserts gives the ability to dial in the nozzle to the specific flow rate, and pressure rating needs to complete any jetting task.

  • KEG - Insert Holders

    KEG - Insert Holders

    This handy product allows the user to place the insert holder in the orifice and add a small insert when the original sized insert is not available. This product acts as an insert sleeve allowing for the use of a smaller insert to be placed within the holder for nozzle usage.

  • KEG - Cutter Plastic Skids

    KEG - Cutter Plastic Skids

    Plastic skids are designed to make the chain cutter lighter; creates less drag and protects the lining of the ductile iron lining and PVC piping, which will not scratch piping. These plastic skids also protect the pipe lining from breaking during cleaning vibration. Stainless steel skids are the standard application of all chain cutters and are a durable option to handle heavy-duty tasks. Chain cutter skids must be used for the correct size pipe, or...

  • KEG - Guided Chain Cutter Skids

    KEG - Guided Chain Cutter Skids

    The unique, Guide Skid is designed for use with the Micro Chain Cutter, Mini Chain Cutter, Aqua Power Junior and Aqua Power Mini. The Guide Skid allows the nozzle to rest within the skid, which provides the nozzle to remain centered within the pipe, optimizing the water flow, cutting through pipe debris.

  • KEG - Model 6/8 - Wire Proofer Skids

    KEG - Model 6/8 - Wire Proofer Skids

    The Wire Proofer skids are designed to allow the water jets to stream between the steel rails within the piping system. These skids are designed to work within sanitary or stormwater pipes that aid in centering the nozzle within the pipe. This skid increases the power of the nozzle by as much as thirty percent.

  • KEG - Skids With Holes

    KEG - Skids With Holes

    Skids are required for use on the Aluminum Traction, Cleaning, Torpedo, and Royal Nozzles, or the nozzle warranties will be voided. The aluminum skids with holes have a drag consistency, which is lighter, making it more maneuverable and easier to operate. Aluminum skids with holes use less flow and less pressure.

  • KEG - Leader Hose

    KEG - Leader Hose

    Operating Pressures from 2500 PSI to 4000 PSI. Can be ordered with male/male or male/female swivel ends.

  • KEG - Reducing Bushings & Step Up Expanders

    KEG - Reducing Bushings & Step Up Expanders

    Our bushings can expand or reduce the flow of water to accommodate the hose size as the project requires. We offer an array of bushing or expanders from .375” - .625” to 1” - 1.25.”.

  • KEG Aqua Power - Model Junior and Mini - Sleeves

    KEG Aqua Power - Model Junior and Mini - Sleeves

    Aqua Power Junior and Aqua Power Mini Sleeves are best used when performing service laterals and in pipes with tight bends. Using the sleeve takes the place of a skid. The sleeve is designed to keep the nozzle out of the dirt and allows the nozzle to perform in tight places optimally.

  • KEG - Anti Hook Device

    KEG - Anti Hook Device

    KEG’s Anti Hook Device keeps nozzles from getting caught within a pipe. This valuable tool attaches to the nozzle on the skids, which acts as a rail system to retrieve the nozzle without getting caught within the pipe or piping system. The Anti Hook Device can be used with cutters and any nozzles that use skids and can be adapted to fit.

  • KEG - Stainless Steel Fire Hose Nozzle

    KEG - Stainless Steel Fire Hose Nozzle

    It is a stainless steel nozzle designed with a handle assists in washing down the maintenance hole, debris tank, the truck, and even used in lift stations to blast grease from walls and pumps. For the operator’s safety, this hose should not be used over 600 PSI.

  • KEG - Chain Breakers & Chains

    KEG - Chain Breakers & Chains

    A chain breaker is a mechanical device used to “break” a chain in such a way it can be mended with the same tool. The chain comes with links and plates that are pinned together, and these pins can be pushed out with the chain tool. The chain breaker is used to cut the chain to the proper length needed for a particular size pipe.

  • KEG - Manhole Roller

    KEG - Manhole Roller

    This handy tool nearly pays for itself with all the time it saves and keeps team members from having back-breaking labor of allowing for faster access to the piping system. The manhole roller is designed to allow the hose to flow over the top of the manhole without gauging the rubber coating on the hose.

  • KEG - Spreader Bar

    KEG - Spreader Bar

    The spreader bar is designed to keep the two floor cleaners from crossing paths within the piping system. It connects to the floor cleaners with the help of clevis hooks.

  • KEG - Angle Adaptor Use on the Floor Cleaners

    KEG - Angle Adaptor Use on the Floor Cleaners

    This accessory is for use on the floor cleaners. It adapts to clean the pipe side walls as the cleaner propels forward jetting away debris. It propels water at a 45-degree angles. Angle Adaptors can also be turned upward to clean bridges within a pipe.

  • KEG - Model Y - Connector

    KEG - Model Y - Connector

    The Y connector is a necessary tool used in Twin Nozzle operation for larger pipes. This connection tool allows dual use for Floor Cleaners and OMG Nozzles.

  • KEG - Replacement Tube Assembly

    KEG - Replacement Tube Assembly

    The flow tube can become damaged, and a replacement may be necessary. The flow tube is used to test the gallons per minute (GPM) flow of jetter machines ranging from .5” - 1”. This will ensure optimal flow is used before beginning the pipe cleaning process.

  • KEG - Turbo Adaptor

    KEG - Turbo Adaptor

    The Turbo Adaptor provides additional water flow increasing the jetting power idea for up hill operation. This tool also can be used to increase GPM without changing inserts within the nozzle.

  • KEG - Clevis Hook

    KEG - Clevis Hook

    The clevis hook is a device used with the Twin Floor Cleaners. This tool is required to keep the Twin Floor Cleaners from rotating inside pipes. Two clevis hooks are needed for the connection of proper use.

  • KEG - Pulling Eye Hooks

    KEG - Pulling Eye Hooks

    Pulling Eye Hooks are an excellent tool that assists nozzles out of a pipe or dislodges nozzles in pipes as needed.

  • KEG - Twister Rebuild Kit

    KEG - Twister Rebuild Kit

    The Twister Nozzle is a great oscillating jet that removes grease, roots and clears blockages from pipes. The four rear jets propel the nozzle up the line while to forward oscillating jet goes to work clearing the blockage. After time and time again clearing blockages this heavy hitter could become worn down and the rebuild kit is all that is need to keep this knockout of a nozzle it working order. The Twister rebuild kit comes with the replacement...