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  • Sample Gas Conditioning & Data Acquisition Systems

  • JPES - Portable Sampling Probe

    JPES - Portable Sampling Probe

    The heated JPES sample probe is designed for use in extractive sampling systems with sample gases containing dust and aerosol, especially for measurement in not stationary applications.Different pipes - heated and unheated-, materials and filters as well as heated hoses make the JPES very flexible for different applications.

  • Model PSP4000-H - Portable Sampling Probe

    Model PSP4000-H - Portable Sampling Probe

    Previously, gas sample probes designed for stationary use had to be used for inspection measurements carried out at different locations. The weight and handiness of such units often caused problems for technicians engaged in mobile measurements. Now the light, handy and heated gas sample probe PSP 4000-H has been developed as a logical complement to the portable M&C sample gas...

  • Model JES 301 - Heated Gas Sample Probe

    Model JES 301 - Heated Gas Sample Probe

    The JCT model JES301 heated gas sample probe is used for the extraction and filtration of sample gases for use in continuous measurement analysis systems. The probe is available in heated and unheated versions and has a comprehensive range of sampling tubes including a specific filter tube for extremely high dust loads.