Kent Environment

Kent Environment

Kent Environment

KENT ENVIRONMENT sector on the Solid Waste Collection, Storage and disposal activities and time established in order to demonstrate continuous improvement in a company that specializes in 02.08.2002.

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Çevre Yolu Matim İş Merkezi A Blok K:2 No:8 , Malatya , Turkey
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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Medical Waste
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

Organization located within the boundaries of the Municipality of Malatya in private and public hospitals, health centers, scientific research units, etc. made. All medical wastes and other wastes in units on a regular basis as a separate collection, transportation and disposal purposes, as a result of the tender, dated 13.08.2002 and numbered 3426 decision of the council for making the tender, the company has Enver ÖZTÜRK Environment.

From the date of 13-09-2002 in Malatya, which produces medical waste in the health departments of medical wastes at the source by giving proper training for the separation of medical waste, waste of these units, the control of Malatya Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Directorate of the Ministry of the Environment in accordance with the criteria as stated are collected for disposal.

Since its inception, KENT ENVIRONMENT dynamic structure, constantly growing, financial power and applications with the principle of Quality Environmental Management has successfully completed many projects in our region.

KENT ENVIRONMENT, people in the foreground, within the framework of legal regulations and believes in the highest quality of service so far with the concept of modernity has given emphasis.

'Quality in the Continuum', 'Reasonable Price', 'Mutual Trust' ve 'Honesty' the basic principle of our vision are the indispensable.

Kent Environment; more livable area of activity for the environment has to provide solutions to meet international standards.

Environmental Policy identifies the importance of protecting the environment.

Our company, announced environmental policy to all employees, employees to be aware of the responsibilities of the individual business related to the environment, the policy in order to provide an understanding of exactly where they are hanged on company premises. Each project can also be informed about the purpose of the third side, the third party also signed by the supervisor and hung on to their appropriate places. However, in addition, announced on our website.

  • KENT ENVIRONMENT: For every kind of service during contracting activities; avoid damaging the ecological balance, to avoid the negative impact on the health of employees and people affected by our activities, goods and property of our own and other parties might accident, damage and dangers to all necessary protection to control the initial stages We will provide the...
  • In this direction by improving awareness of environmental safety of our employees, continuous education, we experience our environmental management system will bring the concept into a philosophy of life...
  • Dreamling been designed for the same sensitivity about the dangers of environmental management, will use reasonable efforts to minimize them...
  • Legal obligations, comply with the terms of the applicable environmental legislation and institutions are a member...
  • But also achieved the relevant parties will work to promote environmental awareness...
  • Re-use when possible to minimize waste at source and recycling, can not be evaluated by appropriate methods of waste disposal which can not be...
  • Energy, raw materials and provide the effective use of natural resources...
  • Can improve our environmental management system and continually improve our, within our organization.