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  • Recycling Plant

    Recycling Plant

    Movable and semi-movable: Movable and semi-movable trailer that can be operated in any workplaces. Capacity for mass processing: Capacity for the maximum 300 tons of used-concrete and asphalt-concrete per hour. Easy separate collection of the iron bars and iron frames: Easy separate collection of the various iron bars and iron frames through Magnetic Separator. Superior quality of the iron frames: Production of quality products by first and second...

  • Hopper & Feeder

    Hopper & Feeder

    Able to direct input by trucks or heavy equipment, Vibration by eccentric force(double crank), Easy production of size and height of Hopper by order.

  • Jaw Crusher

    Jaw Crusher

    Simple structure and easy movement, disassembly and assemble, Assembled firmly with steel sheets and cast steel, and so easy dispersion and absorption of the same weight, Simple control and strong crushing power, and easy control of feed opening, High compatibility and working ratio.

  • Sorting Tank

    Sorting Tank

    Features and Patent: With water of 23 tons, removing foreign substances from various waste materials mixed with crushed construction wastes, Automatic discharging system for sludge, Excellent processing effect of relatively much soil(solution to the soil-blocking problems), Businesses with our facilities can receive additional benefits in screening test for construction wastes disposal services with the benefit of New Technology, utility models and...

  • Cone Crusher

    Cone Crusher

    Features and Patent: Obtaining of verification for NET(New Environment Technology)No.127 (form the Ministry Environment). Obtaining of certification for NET(New Environment Technology)No.306 (form the Ministry Environment). Simple solution to blocking problems in crushing chamber by a iron – scrapper. Improved production speed by 30% compared with old system of the same grade. Realization of exclusive sand production with the minimum setting of...

  • Vibrating Screen

    Vibrating Screen

    Product Dex-scription TROTOP multix-layer high-frequency sieve is featured by mandatory multichannel(2-5 channels), reduced flow speed of pulp on the sieve, long service life, compact structure and low noise. When compared with swirler , its classifying efficiency can reach above 80%. Because of high classifying efficiency and consequent few returned qualified products, the processing capacity(around 10%~20%) of mill can be improved via increasing...

  • Sand Crusher

    Sand Crusher

    Features and Patent: For the production sand with crushed rocks, gravel and aggregates, Superior efficiency surpassing imported types, and half the price, Extended durability(more than 40%) of various liners of rotor(tip, tip wear plate and impact liner), Certification of NEP-2004-026, Registration of a patent No. 0550051(2006.2).

  • Spray Vibration Screen

    Spray Vibration Screen

    A system that sorts out and washes aggregates, and separates foreign substances with ease with the help of vibration screen equipped with sprinkler system.

  • Foreign Substances Separator

    Foreign Substances Separator

    “Certification of NET No. 223, FOREIGN MATTER SEPARATOR USE JET CIRCULATION WATER” NET(New Environmental Technology) No. 223 can receive A grade in screening test for construction wastes disposal services.

  • Spiral Classifier

    Spiral Classifier

    Spiral classifier: System that can wash recyclable small aggregates crushed in the final stage, and ensure the exact classification of the aggregates. Features: The exact classification and washing of the aggregates

  • Thickener


    Features: No need of a mixer in the condensation tank because of the use of jet spiral water current, Can make full use of water-power by using jet effect of water current when condensing, Can ensure the high purifying efficiency and purity without floating matters, Can minimize the use of chemicals, No need of pump raking system, and shorter maintenance period.

  • Filter Press

    Filter Press

    Features: Reduction of labor costs with automatic control system, Ensure the durability of machine by the filter press made of steel plate and reduce malfunction of filter cloth, and as a result, lower maintenance costs, With the method of automatic cut-off system of injection pump by extracting the whole filtrate, ensure the regular cake of moisture content regardless of the variable contaminant concentration, Shorter cycling period with substantial...

  • Super Screen

    Super Screen

    High-speed sorter for reclaimable wastes that sorts out wastes(wastes with high moisture content) at huge amount, and the next generation sorting system with the capacity of more than 60 ~ 100 ㎥/hr(capacity and sorting ratio depend on the kind and state of inputs)

  • Recovery Plant for Contaminated Soil

    Recovery Plant for Contaminated Soil

    Recovering Method of Contaminated Soils(soil washing method). In many cases, contaminated substances in soils are attached to relatively small-sized clay and earth particles which are often called ‘silt’. This soil washing method can reduce the volume of contaminated soils by eluding various organic compounds and heavy metals using cleansing solution. Our Recovery Plant for Contaminated Soil can cleanse the contaminated soils with high...