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  • Operational Risk Managment

    Operational Risk Managment

    Risk is inherent in business—it goes without saying. Today, companies are exposed to more risk and more kinds of risk than ever before. That is why it is essential that companies plan ahead for events that might compromise their supply chain, quality, and/or the security of their organization, activities, and projects. Effective risk management is a key component of effective governance.

  • Process Improvement

    Process Improvement

    A good organization applies good processes and improves them over time. Successful and sustainable businesses adapt to changes in their markets, economic situation, technology, and regulations. This requires sustained efforts and disciplined management and strategies to ensure that business processes are constantly improving. Rather than simply managing crises effectively, process improvement makes operations more efficient and reliable, and helps...

  • Management Systems Services

    Management Systems Services

    A management system is the framework that enables companies to achieve their operational and business objectives. The connection between management systems and compliance is vital in avoiding recurring compliance issues. In fact, reliable and effective regulatory compliance is commonly an outcome of consistent and reliable implementation of a management system. Kestrel assesses, designs, implements, and improves integrated management systems to create...

  • Compliance Assurance Services

    Compliance Assurance Services

    Businesses face an ever-growing array of regulations and other requirements regarding their material use, supply chain, byproducts, and environmental and safety practices, amongst many others. In today’s economic climate, it is difficult for companies to devote the resources required to maintain compliance activities at a sustained and satisfactory level—but it is essential. Kestrel understands the importance of developing and maintaining...

  • Human Performance Reliability (HPR) Services

    Human Performance Reliability (HPR) Services

    Human error is a significant source of risk within any organization, one that plays a large role in unintended and sometimes catastrophic events, including occupational and process safety accidents, environmental releases, deviations in product quality, food safety incidents, and medical mistakes. The costs of these errors can be substantial—from financial impacts and damaged corporate reputation, to the potential shutdown of the business, or...

  • Technology-Enabled Business Solutions

    Technology-Enabled Business Solutions

    Integrating information technology with our service delivery enhances our capacity to provide superior professional services that support our clients’ needs. Kestrel brings together a unique combination of senior consultants averaging over 25 years of experience working in industry with strong skills in information technology to create custom Technology-Enabled Business Solutions for our clients. The professionals behind our solutions...