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Keynetix Ltd

Keynetix provides high-quality, cost effective data management and presentation solutions for the geotechnical and geoenvironemental industry. Products includes; HoleBASE, for borehole data management, log production and section diagrams; KeyLAB for geotechnical Laboratory management and control; Pocket SI for hand held data collection of Site Investigation information; KeyHOLE of Automated AutoCAD drawing production of Site Investigation data; KeyCSM for the production of Environmental Conceptual Models. Keynetix also develops and hosts the UK Highway Agency’s Geotechnical Data Management System ( in partnership with Mott MacDonald. This gives everyone working for the HA instant access to borehole and embankment details for over 9000 km of road in the UK.

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Systems House, Burnt Meadow Road , Redditch , Worcs B98 9PA United Kingdom
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Software vendor
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Environmental Data and IT Systems
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Globally (various continents)

At Keynetix we pride ourselves on our focus, passion and knowledge of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Data Management and the quality and speed in which we develop customer requested enhancements to our products.

Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Data Management is what we do and our software has evolved over the past 20 years to seamlessly handle all aspects of geotechnical data workflow, whether you are looking for an on-site logging system, a corporate archive or anything in-between.

Our intelligent data management software has helped our many clients achieve significant efficiency gains on jobs ranging from a single borehole exploratory hole to projects as prestigious as Crossrail, the London 2012 Olympic Park and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau fixed link.

We work with every new client to help them focus on Keynetix’s two golden rules of data entry. These are: 1) Only enter data once 2) Get someone else to do it.  Our products reflect these rules; so data you enter in the field can be transferred to our existing systems, and alternative systems, without typing any data more than once.  Implementing these rules across all areas of your business will immediately increase your efficiency, profitability and staff morale.

Borehole Logs, Sections, Charts and Graphs
The power of creating and receiving electronic data is that you give yourself the ability to automate previously complicated tasks. Simplify and speed up your production of borehole logs, site plans, cross sections, charts, graphs and data analysis with Keynetix’s sophisticated and evolved family of software for the Site Investigation professional.

HoleBASE SI not only acts as your Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental database, it also has tools to enable you to produce tailored borehole logs and sections at the push of a button. Your logs can look as sophisticated as you want and your output will be standardised and significantly cheaper to produce.

HoleBASE SI  comes with exciting and unique extensions for Microsoft Excel and AutoCAD Civil 3D making the best use of the software and skills that your organisation already possesses. With your data in HoleBASE SI Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D you can simply and quickly produce section drawings and 3D models. HoleBASE SI Extension for Microsoft Excel gives you pre-set analysis tools, charts and graphs, most of which can be produced in less than a minute.

Geotechnical Laboratory Management
Keynetix’s laboratory management software is designed to give laboratory managers a single system to manage their testing and reporting processes whilst enabling simple electronic transfer of data between consultants, contractors, clients and laboratories. This enables laboratories to remove duplication of data entry, saving time and reducing unnecessary typing errors.

KeyLAB will help laboratories to improve their efficiency at every stage of the geotechnical and construction testing process. From sample and storeroom management, through electronic scheduling, testing and reporting, KeyLAB will streamline your processes.

KeyAGS will do the hard work for anyone involved in creating, quality checking, importing or exporting AGS format data if they do not need KeyLAB. Keynetix have many years of experience in working with this industry standard format and this bestselling software.  Housed in the familiar environment of Microsoft Excel, it will improve the user’s AGS data production from the moment they make the investment.

Data Capture Tools for Site Investigation
The problems and issues surrounding data capture on-site are well documented and are often costly, time consuming and entirely avoidable. Poor handwriting, muddy pages, difficult working conditions, fiddly sample labels and the joys of transcription can all present serious challenges.

Using appropriate tools in the field to improve your data collection provides a very swift return on your investment. PocketSI, KeyAGS, KeyLogbook and HoleBASE SI are all designed and tested to give the user the ability to enter data using a tablet device, PDA or a laptop. The major benefit here, of course, is that your Site Investigation data is only ever entered once, avoiding the additional cost and risk of re-entering data.

Data Checking, Validation and Transfer
Small errors in your data can produce large errors in your reports but can be extremely difficult to find and correct.

Ensuring that your data is correct before you pass it to a third party will improve your service to your clients and improve their ability to confidently analyse your data. Laboratories can check their AGS data format is correct before transferring it electronically to their clients. Consultants can receive data from their laboratory, check the format is correct and also check that what they received is exactly what they asked for. The data transfer process is streamlined, confidence rises and analysis improves.

KeyAGS gives everyone the chance to check their AGS data format, free of charge. Its big brother, KeyAGS Professional, enables users to create, import and export AGS data. The templates for Borehole Logs, Dynamic Probes and Trial Pit data ensure that the correct fields are completed every time.

HoleBASE SI enables users to directly import their AGS data, meaning that the results can instantly be displayed and checked over a mapped background.