accelerometer technology Companies

  • Roadscanners Oy

    based in Rovaniemi, FINLAND.


    Roadscanners Oy

    Roadscanners is a Finland based company specialized in developing tools and services for traffic infrastructure asset management. The main focus of the Roadscanners’ activities is structural and functional condition monitoring and analysis of roads, ...

    Roadscanners - Street & Road Surveys

    Roadscanners - Street & Road Surveys

    Longer pavement life times and major savings with asset management costs with proactive maintenance.

  • PCB Piezotronics, Inc.

    based in Depew, NEW YORK (USA).

    PCB Piezotronics, Inc.

    PCB Piezotronics was founded in 1967 as a manufacturer of piezoelectric quartz sensors, accelerometers, and associated electronics for the measurement of dynamic pressure, force, and vibration. The unique expertise of the company was the ...

  • Omnisense Limited

    based in Elsworth, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Omnisense Limited

    Omnisense provides state-of-the-art high accuracy (20cm) 3D locating and tracking solutions making it easier to manage assets - people, equipment, materials or animals - through knowledge of location, position and behaviour whether indoors or ...

  • Micron Optics, Inc.,

    based in Atlanta, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

    Micron Optics, Inc.,

    Micron Optics, Inc., is an established leader of innovative optical components and laser-based equipment that advance the quality of optical measurements, allowing the sensing, imaging and telecommunications industries to make the critical ...

    Micron - Model os7500 - Fabry Perot Accelerometer

    Micron - Model os7500 - Fabry Perot Accelerometer

    The os7500 is a fiber optic accelerometer based on patented Fabry-Perot (FP) technology. Combined with Micron Optics HYPERION instrument platform, the os7500 offers unmatched multiplexing capabilities with other FP and FBG sensors.

  • Rieker Inc

    based in Aston, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

    Rieker Inc

    Rieker Inc, a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of quality electronic and mechanical inclinometers, is committed to customer service, product availability, technical support, and performance. Rieker’s technological excellence, supported by ...

  • Geobit Instruments

    based in Patras, GREECE.

    Geobit Instruments

    Our involvement with Geophysical & Seismological Instruments starts at the early 2000’s as instrument designers and field support for micro-seismic monitoring companies. We have designed and manufactured several types of seismic monitoring ...

    Geobit - Model SM1500 & SM550 - Strong Motion Acceleration Sensors

    Geobit - Model SM1500 & SM550 - Strong Motion Acceleration Sensors

    The SM550 and SM1500 are two MEMS type, three-component acceleration sensors. Both have wide frequency response. The SM1500 model provides response from DC to 750Hz, while the SM550 model provides response DC to 50Hz. Many output rages are available ...

  • GeoSIG Ltd

    based in Schlieren, SWITZERLAND.

    GeoSIG Ltd

    GeoSIG provides earthquake, seismic, structural, dynamic and static monitoring and measuring solutions. As an ISO Certified company, GeoSIG is a world leader in design and manufacture of a diverse range of high quality, precision instruments for ...

    GeoSIG - Model AC-4x - Accelerometer

    GeoSIG - Model AC-4x - Accelerometer

    The AC-43 sensor package is a triaxial accelerometer designed for urban and industrial applications regarding strong motion earthquake survey and vibration monitoring as well as alarm and switch systems. All these applications require rugged ...

  • Instrumented Sensor Technology, Inc.

    based in Okemos, MICHIGAN (USA).

    Instrumented Sensor Technology, Inc.

    IST has developed a full line of acceleration data and triaxial accelerometer logger, transportation data recorder, vibration data logger and monitor products that cover a broad range of testing and monitoring applications. Instrumented Sensor ...

  • Optoacoustics Ltd.

    based in Israel, ISRAEL.

    Optoacoustics Ltd.

    Optoacoustics is the world leader in innovative, high performance optical fiber-based sound and vibration solutions for medical, industrial and pro-audio applications. We design and manufacture a broad range of products that meet very demanding ...

  • RDS Technology Ltd.


    RDS Technology Ltd.

    RDS develop intelligent measuring, control and weighing solutions for global agriculture and industrial systems. RDS pioneered the use of electronics for agriculture with the introduction of the grain loss monitor for combine harvesters, the company ...

    Loadmaster - Model α100 - On Board Weighing System

    Loadmaster - Model α100 - On Board Weighing System

    The RDS LOADMASTER α100 is an all-new CAN based system setting a benchmark for the industry combining cutting edge sensor technology and signal processing techniques providing precise and consistent weight information. With the ever-increasing ...

  • Riventa Ltd

    based in Threemilestone, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Riventa Ltd

    We specialise in pump testing, pump monitoring and network optimisation for water and wastewater, but work across industries wherever pump systems are in use. We have a long track record delivering highly innovative technology. Looking ahead, we’re ...

    Proflow - Pump Monitoring System

    Proflow - Pump Monitoring System

    PROFLOW is a specialist system for wastewater pump monitoring. It uses our advanced pump flow technology and is one in our range of monitoring systems. It has been designed for any size of water pumping station, to optimise performance and detect ...

  • ToRoPoL Sp. z o.o.

    The ToRoPol company was founded in 1989. From the beginning of its activity, it has been importing measuring and control equipment for qualitative testing of materials mainly related to construction. Over the years, the company has established ...

  • Interphysix, Lda.

    Interphysix represents and distributes international market leading companies and their brands, to provide solutions for quality control, radiation measurement and patient safety. We are active in different application markets, including healthcare, ...

  • Pavement Scientific International Inc.

    PSI Technologies is dedicated to engineering the best solutions for its clients through best practice in science, technology and engineering. We are a full-suite engineering firm specializing in industry-leading mine water management solutions and ...

  • Jewell Instruments LLC

    based in Manchester, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA).

    Jewell Instruments LLC

    Jewell Instruments is a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of panel meters, avionics components, inertial sensors, and precision solenoids. Jewell is also a leading supplier of monitoring systems and services for buildings, tunnels, ...

    Model AMA Series - Analog MEMS Accelerometers

    Model AMA Series - Analog MEMS Accelerometers

    Jewell Instruments AMA Series Accelerometers are an excellent choice for cost to performance trade off. The AMA is based on silicon micro-machined MEMS Capacitive Accelerometer technology and designed for low power and high stability.

  • Svantek SP. Z O.O.

    based in Warsaw, POLAND.

    Svantek SP. Z O.O.

    SVANTEK is a Polish company established in 1990. We design and manufacture professional instrumentation for sound & vibration measurement and analysis. Our instruments are well known around the globe for their accuracy and reliability. But it is ...

    Model SV 103 - Human Vibration Exposure Meter

    Model SV 103 - Human Vibration Exposure Meter

    SV 103 Personal Human Vibration Exposure meter is dedicated to hand-arm vibration measurements. The instrument meets ISO 8041:2005 and is the ideal choice for making measurements according to ISO 5349 and European Directive 2002/44/EC.

  • Beanair GmbH

    based in Berlin, GERMANY.

    Beanair GmbH

    Beanair GmbH, a leading company in sensing technology, offers outstanding wireless sensor networks (WSN) technology shaping the future of Industrial IOT. BeanAir, a leading German company in sensing technology, designs and manufactures smart, rugged ...

    BeanDevice - Model AX-3D Xrange - High Performance Wireless Accelerometer with Built-in Data Logger

    BeanDevice - Model AX-3D Xrange - High Performance Wireless Accelerometer with Built-in Data Logger

    Available in several versions (measurement range: ±2g or ±10g), the BeanDevice® AX-3D XRange is a wireless accelerometer with integrated data logger. Characterized by a waterproof (IP67/Nema 6) and a lightweight aluminum casing ...

  • TOEC srl

    based in TORINO, ITALY.

    TOEC srl

    TOEC Ltd provides specialist consultancy services in sound and vibration. We have a broad range of experience and are ready to tackle all aspects of noise, sound, acoustics and vibration issues from architectural acoustics to environmental and ...

  • 3D-Radar AS

    based in Trondheim, NORWAY.

    3D-Radar AS

    3d-Radar AS provides three dimensional (3D) ground penetrating radars (GPRs) for subsurface mapping. 3D-Radar technology allows us to collect comprehensive, user defined data sets, that are tailored to the project needs. We can produce multiple ...

  • Dynae

    based in Villefontaine, FRANCE.


    Dynae, a subsidiary of Clemessy, is a service company, the leader in France in the field of diagnoses on rotating machines. We carry out work on a daily basis on all types of industrial premises to examine production machines, detect symptoms of ...

    Dynae - Industrial Accelerometers

    Dynae - Industrial Accelerometers

    Industrial accelerometers are designed to be fixed permanently to the measuring point, either to make it possible to carry out measurements in a place which is difficult or dangerous to gain access to, or to be connected to a continuous monitoring ...

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