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acoustic doppler current profiling Companies

  • General Oceanics Inc.

    based in Miami, FLORIDA (USA).


    General Oceanics Inc.

    From inception, the company`s goal has been to design and manufacture the highest quality instrumentation and water sampling products available to the oceanographic community. In January 1992, General Oceanics Inc. created the G.O. Environmental ...

    Stream Gauging Services

    Stream Gauging Services

    GOES offers stream gauging services including site selection, data collection, calibration and rating curve development, discharge measurements. Results are used for stream gauging, velocity mapping, hydraulic modeling environmental compliance and ...

  • Teledyne RD Instruments

    based in Poway, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Teledyne RD Instruments

    Teledyne RD Instruments, Inc., located in San Diego, CA, specializes in the design and manufacture of underwater acoustic Doppler products for a wide array of current profiling and precision navigation applications. As Teledyne RDI has grown, so has ...

    Teledyne - Model H-ADCP - ChannelMaster - Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler

    Teledyne - Model H-ADCP - ChannelMaster - Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler

    The ChannelMaster H-ADCP is a compact, flexible and affordable horizontal ADCP designed to measure continuous flow and velocity in rivers and estuaries. The 2-beam doppler principle device is deployed at one elevation in a channel ...

  • UVS Pty Ltd

    UVS is a supplier of quality subsea equipment and services to the Oceanographic, Hydrographic, Defence, Offshore Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy and Water Utility market. We are a privately held company with a passion for customer service and a ...

  • Coastal Dynamics

    Coastal Dynamics is a marine environmental consulting firm specializing in marine environmental solutions. We have worked extensively in the field of Oceanography in the coastal and oceanic waters around Trinidad and Tobago and have led and ...

    Marine Environmental Surveys

    Coastal Dynamics can conduct marine environmental surveys in shallow and deep water to support Environmental Impact surveys, marine oil/gas exploration, navigation and effluent outfall designs. We can deploy current meters or ...

  • Deep Ocean Engineering, Inc.

    based in San Jose, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Deep Ocean Engineering, Inc.

    Deep Ocean Engineering, Inc. provides integrated robotic solutions and products for various underwater applications in diverse and harsh operating environments. We design, build and test all our remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) at our plant in ...

    Phantom - Model I-1650 USV - Remote-Controlled Boat

    Phantom - Model I-1650 USV - Remote-Controlled Boat

    The Phantom I-1650 USV is a powerful, 1.65m, remotely controlled, battery-powered unmanned surface vessel designed and manufactured by Deep Ocean Engineering to conduct measurements of currents, bathymetry and discharge with ADCPs ...

  • SeaRobotics Corporation (SRC)

    based in Stuart, FLORIDA (USA).

    SeaRobotics Corporation (SRC)

    SeaRobotics has extensive experience in maritime unmanned systems including ROVs, AUVs, USVs and the integration of various sophisticated sensing subsystems. Our expertise in a broad range of engineering disciplines along with extensive field ...

  • cbec inc. eco engineering

    based in West Sacramento, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    cbec inc. eco engineering

    cbec specializes in eco engineering. eco engineering describes water resources engineering services that are concerned with developing and providing ecologically sensitive and environmentally sustainable solutions in the fields of hydrology, ...

    Field Services

    Field Services

    cbec performs a variety of field services to support project specific needs. Such services include: Topographic and bathymetric surveying – cbec owns RTK GPS equipment and bathymetric hydrographic survey equipment, and uses them in a variety ...

  • HyQuest Solutions Pty Ltd

    Hydrological Services expertise is undoubtedly in the field of hydrography and hydrology. However the company has developed a broad range of technology and expertise in the scientific instrument field. Originally the company`s product range involved ...

    Hornet Sediment Sampler Model Hornet/SS

    The Hornet Sediment Sampler has been developed to perform river and stream sediment sampling from fixed cableways using conventional suspended sediment samplers such as D49. The Hornet Sediment Sampler is an ideal solution for retro fitting to an ...

  • Graham Matthews & Associates

    based in Weaverville, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Graham Matthews & Associates

    Graham Matthews & Associates (GMA) is a small, diverse consulting firm established in 1990, and consists of hydrologists, engineers, geomorphologists and fish biologists. GMA specializes in (1) stream restoration design, implementation and ...

    Geomorphic Data Collection & Analysis

    Geomorphic Data Collection & Analysis

    Hydrologic/Geomorphic Data Collection, Analysis, and Modeling: Installation and operation of monitoring stations for streamflow and other hydrologic and climatic parameters; Streamflow measurements and discharge rating curves; ...

  • Mainstream Commercial Divers, Inc. (MCDI)

    based in Murray, KENTUCKY (USA).

    Mainstream Commercial Divers, Inc. (MCDI)

    Mainstream Commercial Divers, Inc. (MCDI) is a full service underwater inspection, underwater construction, and diving company. MCDI has inspected, constructed, and maintained in-water structures of all types. MCDI is experienced in all aspects of ...

  • Electronic Data Solutions

    based in Jerome, IDAHO (USA).

    Electronic Data Solutions

    Electronic Data Solutions (Elecdata), Jerome, Idaho, is an authorized distributor and system integrator for field data collection solutions. Elecdata has built its reputation by supplying quality instrumentation and unparalleled customer support. We ...

  • Rickly Hydrological Co., Inc.

    based in Columbus, OHIO (USA).

    Rickly Hydrological Co., Inc.

    The Rickly Hydrological Company manufactures and distributes hydrological instrumentation equipment as designed by the U.S. Geological Survey in accordance with its precise standards. Our intent is to provide hydrologists and engineers performing ...

    Model ADCP -6400 - River Profiler

    Model ADCP -6400 - River Profiler

    The Rickly RiverPROFILER family of direct-reading Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs) represents the industry state of the art in acoustic ...

  • NortekUSA

    based in Boston, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).


    Nortek AS is a scientific instrumentation company that develops and distributes water velocity instruments. Our products are based on the acoustic Doppler principle and span from single point turbulence sensors to long range current profilers. Our ...

    Signature - Model 55 - Current Profilers

    Signature - Model 55 - Current Profilers

    The first instrument in the Nortek Signature Series product line, the Signature55, employs AD2CP technology to extend the range of the Nortek brand of acoustic Doppler current ...

  • Envirtech Subsea Systems S.r.l.

    based in Venezia, ITALY.

    Envirtech Subsea Systems S.r.l.

    We are a private, European, company established since year 2009 to manufacture, deploy and maintain data acquisition networks on sea surface and sea bottom. We also provide engineering, projects, systems, ideas, information, software and solutions ...

    DeepSea - Model MK-I MAWS - Directional Wave Buoy

    DeepSea - Model MK-I MAWS - Directional Wave Buoy

    The DeepSea MKI buoy is state of the art in directional wave measurement and oceanographic data gathering. The buoy includes a solid-state MEMS directional wave measurement pack, an automatic weather station and a sea surface temperature ...

  • Titan Environmental Surveys Ltd

    based in Bridgend, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Titan Environmental Surveys Ltd

    Titan Environmental Surveys Ltd is a scientific and environmental company that specialises in gathering data relating to all aspects of the water environment.The history of the Company spans more than thirty years and has developed into one of the ...

    Oceanographic Surveys Services

    Oceanographic Surveys Services

    Profiling (ADCP).Specialist software has been developed in-house to enable rapid data processing and analysis. Acoustic Doppler Current ...

  • SonTek - A Xylem Brand

    based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    SonTek - A Xylem Brand

    SonTek, advancing environmental science in over 100 countries, manufactures affordable, reliable acoustic Doppler instrumentation for water velocity measurement in oceans, rivers, lakes, canals, harbors, estuaries, and laboratories. Our instruments ...

    Sontek - Model ADP - Acoustic Doppler Profiler

    Sontek - Model ADP - Acoustic Doppler Profiler

    The SonTek ADP (Acoustic Doppler Profiler) is a high-performance, 3-axis (3D) water current profiler that is accurate, reliable, and easy to use. The ADP uses ...

  • Hydro-Logic Services

    based in Berkshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Hydro-Logic Services

    Hydro-Logic Services is a specialist hydrological and water resources consultancy. We collect hydrological data and use it to help out clients in a wide range of applications. We measure rivers, we provide flood warnings, we simulate floods, we ...

    Spot Flow Measurement Services

    Spot Flow Measurement Services

    Spot flow gauging involves the measurement of the discharge, at a given location, at a point in time. The techniques required for spot flow gauging vary depending upon the size and nature of the watercourse. Our experienced staff will select the ...

  • Automasjon and Data AS

    based in Sandnes, NORWAY.

    Automasjon and Data AS

    Automasjon and Data AS is a complete system house for meteorological and oceanographic data systems. The main products are Environmental Monitoring Systems and Helideck Monitoring Systems for marine and offshore applications. Such systems can ...

    Automasjon - Current Sensors

    Automasjon - Current Sensors

    Current sensors are normally divided into 2 groups, Single-point Current Meters and Current Profilers. Single-point current meters will only measure the ...

  • JFE Advantech Co.Ltd.

    Water, Environment Measuring Instruments. Machine Diagnosis Instruments and Vibrometers. Thickness Gauges and Hardness Testers. Weighing Systems and Products. Ocean and River Instruments.

  • Markoja d.o.o.

    Since 2011, Markoja d.o.o. obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates, operations have been managed and continuously improved in accordance with these standards. Today, Markoja d.o.o. is organized into four departments: Network Infrastructure ...

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