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activated sludge system operation Companies

  • Walden, Inc.

    based in China Village, MAINE (USA).

    Walden, Inc.

    Walden, Inc. manufactures custom Sequencing Batch Reactor package wastewater treatment systems (SBRs) intended for small- to- medium flows of 4,000 to 80,000 GPD. Our custom built systems are flexible, modular, easy to operate, cost effective, and ...

    Walden - Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)

    Walden - Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)

    The best municipal technology is now available for residential and commercial use. Sequencing batch reactors (SBR’s) have been around for a long time. They were operating successfully long before flow-through, activated sludge systems were ...

  • Aqua Equip Technologies LLC

    based in TEXAS (USA).

    Aqua Equip Technologies LLC

    Tube settler, lamella clarifier, plate settler, inclined plate clarifier systems. Attached growth, fixed bed biofilm systems. Biological Bod and ammonia removal. Fine bubble aeration. Tube settlers for improved particle settling and to reduce ...

    Biofilm attached growth systems

    Biofilm attached growth systems

    Wastewater treatment systems using biofilms that grow attached to a support media can be either an alternative or an improvement to the widely used suspended growth activated sludge process. When the system is operated with a single pass and without ...

  • Global Mold Incorporated

    based in Coeur d`Alene, IDAHO (USA).

    Global Mold Incorporated

    Global Mold Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of random dump plastic tower packing media and wastewater treatment biomedia. Located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. With the engineering, manufacturing and quality control all done in-house, we are able ...

    Global Mold - Model MPHR - Biomedia System

    Global Mold - Model MPHR - Biomedia System

    Global Mold’s Multi-Pollutant, High Rate Biomedia (MPHR Biomedia). MPHR is designed as a suspended media for improving the performance of activated sludge wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). It offers all the benefits of IFAS systems, without ...

  • Neve Envirronement

    based in Cluny, FRANCE.

    Neve Envirronement

    NEVE Environment specializes since 1999 in the study, design, implementation, commissioning and maintenance of compact systems of treatment of domestic wastewater. Our expertise ensures the quality of the operation of our facilities in compliance ...

    TOPAZ - Model 22-300  - Purification Plants

    TOPAZ - Model 22-300 - Purification Plants

    TOPAZ RANGE 22-300 Inhabitants Equivalents (EH): Micro-compact stations activated sludge. The TOPAZ line treatment plants are domestic compact wastewater treatment systems operating activated sludge in extended aeration. The range proposed in ...

  • Water Warriors LLC

    based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA).

    Water Warriors LLC

    We are a scientifically-driven company on a clean water mission. Our products are designed to address the world`s wastewater crises through innovative approaches to traditional water treatment techniques. Our current product, NewGen Biomedia, brings ...

    Bioreactors Media

    Bioreactors Media

    Super Biomedia was developed to improve the performance of currently operating bioreactors. In activated sludge systems, it offers all the benefits of fixed-biofilm systems, without any of the disadvantages of fixed media. The use of biomedia in ...

  • The Environmental Company Inc.

    based in Ruth, MISSISSIPPI (USA).

    The Environmental Company Inc.

    The Environmental Company Inc. is a family business founded in 1993. With over 20 years of experience in treating wastewater and contaminated soil with bioremediation, we offer products that will improve any wastewater system. Learn more about some ...

    Baffles - Bio-Separator

    Baffles - Bio-Separator

    The basic goals in designing the bio-separator were to provide an economical and effective method for designing new lagoon systems, and upgrading existing lagoon systems to accept increased flows, as well as increasing the performance to meet ...

  • Nomadic Systems Inc.

    based in Langley, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

    Nomadic Systems Inc.

    NOMADIC is a global leader in the mobile sewage treatment industry. With successful installations everywhere from Siberia to Saudi Arabia, our mobile sewage treatment technology is capable of withstanding any environment in any location around the ...

    Nomadic AGBR - Mobile Sewage Treatment Systems

    Nomadic AGBR - Mobile Sewage Treatment Systems

    Attached Growth Biological Reactors (AGBR®) provide an environment to efficiently breakdown wastewater, providing a high-quality effluent safe for discharge. NOMADIC™’s AGBR® mobile sewage treatment systems utilize fixed ...

  • EPECO - epeco group

    based in Nasr City, EGYPT.

    EPECO - epeco group

    epeco,the Environmental Projects & Engineering Company, was incorporated in the state of Nevada, USA in 1993 as epecoUSA, by Mr. Magdi el Beheiri, the graduate mechanical engineer and active environmentalist. Under Mr. el Beheiri’s management, epeco ...

    Model epST-iic series - Packaged Compact Wastewater Treatment Plants

    Model epST-iic series - Packaged Compact Wastewater Treatment Plants

    epST -iic wastewater treatment plants are continuouse flow activated sludge systems which are operated on a batch basis . Turbulent aeration of incoming sewage and batch treatment of the bio-mass are achieved in separate aeration and settling ...

  • Naldi Ecologia S.r.l.

    based in Imola (BO), ITALY.

    Naldi Ecologia S.r.l.

    Naldi Ecologia S.r.l. is a company that operates in the field of water treatment and in the field of reinforced fibreglass plastics. The focus of this company is to protect the territory by proposing solutions for a cleaner and safer environment. ...

    Model Series SBR - Purification Plants

    Model Series SBR - Purification Plants

    The SBR system (sequential discontinuous reactor) consists of one or more parallel reactors, which provide for aeration, sedimentation, extraction of the effluent and sludge recirculation. Each reactor, after the filling phase, is conducted, by ...

  • Aslan Technologies

    based in Burlington, ONTARIO (CANADA).

    Aslan Technologies

    Aslan Technologies, established in 1992, is a global design and manufacturing company located in Burlington, Ontario, the Silicon Valley for the water sector. We provide turn-key and customized solutions in drinking water, wastewater, and sewage ...

    Aslan - Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)

    Aslan - Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)

    Aslan’s SBR wastewater treatment systems utilize biological processes to treat the wastewater of small communities and municipalities. Our systems are available in several sizes, to meet any application. The unique combination of equipment, ...

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