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activated sludge tank aeration Companies

  • KAMPS s.a.

    based in Battice, BELGIUM.


    KAMPS s.a.

    KAMPS is a corporate which has specialised in water treatment for over 50 years. It employs a team of around thirty people. KAMPS belongs to the Holding KAYA GROUP Ltd which is active exclusively in LOW CARBON FOOTPRINT project and participation. ...

    Research & Development Services

    Research & Development Services

    Increasing aeration performance: Performance of our AIRMAX aerators  are measured and developped according the last version of the following standard: BS EN 12555-15: Waste water treatment plants- Measurement of the oxygen transfer in clean ...


    based in Paris, FRANCE.



    With 60 years experience within the sewage treatment sector, EUROPELEC is the n°1 French manufacturer of aeration system intended for WWTP. EUROPELEC offers a full range of diffusers, aerators and mixers for both industrial and municipal ...

    AQUAFEN - Fast Floating Turbines

    AQUAFEN - Fast Floating Turbines

    Floating surface aerator at high speed. Particularly suited to buffer tanks, activated sludge, SBR, MBR and aerated lagoons. Made and assembled in France.

  • State Unitary Enterprise `Vodokanal of St. Petersburg`

    based in St. Petersburg, RUSSIA.

    State Unitary Enterprise `Vodokanal of St. Petersburg`

    Vodokanal St. Petersburg provides high-quality water and wastewater services to the customers taking care of the environment and creating a responsible attitude to water resources. IT supplies potable water to the citizens - over 5,000,000 people, ...

  • Mixing & Mass Transfer Technologies LLC

    based in State College, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

    Mixing & Mass Transfer Technologies LLC

    Mixing and Mass Transfer Technologies (m2t technologies) is dedicated to solving your most difficult fluid mixing, mass transfer and wastewater treatment issues. In the Environmental markets we are a leader in designing and supplying advanced mixing ...

    LINPOR - Cubes of Polyurethane (12-15mm)

    LINPOR - Cubes of Polyurethane (12-15mm)

    LINPOR® Technology uses highly porous cubes of a foam material that are integrated into the traditional activated sludge process as carriers for preferably attached growing microorganisms. The LINPOR cubes usually occupy 10 to 30% of the ...

  • Taset

    based in Hwaseong-si, SOUTH KOREA.


    We are truly grateful to our customers who have extended considerations to allow us to concentrate in water treatment area since our establishment in 1985ln addition, we always keep our gratitude toward the customers who gave us opportunities where ...

    Taset - Surface Aerator

    Taset - Surface Aerator

    Activated sludge process. Oxidation Ditch process. Floating aerator. Equalizing Tank.

  • Mixing Systems, Inc.

    based in Dayton, OHIO (USA).

    Mixing Systems, Inc.

    Since its beginnings in 1985, Mixing Systems, Inc. has become a preferred provider of submerged jet aeration and jet mixing systems. With hundreds of wastewater treatment installations operating worldwide, the company`s success and reputation are ...

    Directional Mix Jet Aerators

    Directional Mix Jet Aerators

    One of six directional mix jet aerators installed in a circular tank. Two of the six directional mix jet aerators installed in a 180 ft diameter tank for a pulp and paper mill. Four directional mix jet aerators installed in a 650 ft by 230 ft lagoon ...

  • Aquaturbo Systems, Inc.

    based in Springdale, ARIZONA (USA).

    Aquaturbo Systems, Inc.

    Aquaturbo Systems, Inc. It is one of the world`s leading designers and manufacturers of water and wastewater treatment equipment for industrial and municipal markets. The corporate headquarters is based in Halle, Belgium with manufacturing plants at ...

    Model AER-F (ES) - Fixed Surface Aerator

    Model AER-F (ES) - Fixed Surface Aerator

    Designed for bridge or platform mounting in basins with fixed or minimal water level variation. Can be installed and removed as a fully assembled unit through a hole in the platform without draining the basin. The length can be manufactured to suit ...

  • Shanghai MegaVision Membrane Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd.

    based in Shanghai, CHINA.

    Shanghai MegaVision Membrane Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd.

    MegaVision Membrane is an innovative and high-technology group, specializes in the manufacturing of separation membranes and the contracting in membrane projects. A specialist in membrane bioreactor (MBR) and ultrafiltration membrane (UF) since ...

    Shanghai MegaVision - Flat Sheet Membrane for MBR

    Shanghai MegaVision - Flat Sheet Membrane for MBR

    Membrane bioreactor (MBR) is a novel high-efficiency technology of sewage water treatment, combining high efficiency membrane separation technology and conventional activated sludge process. In this technology, modules composed of flat sheet ...

  • TopolWater, s.r.o.

    based in Čáslav, CZECH REPUBLIC.

    TopolWater, s.r.o.

    The TopolWater, s.r.o. company was established in 2000 as the successor to the company of Ing. Jan Topol – Wastewater treatment plants. Up to 1990 this company originally acted as the design office and its main area of activity was the design of ...

    Monoblok - Model T - Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants

    Monoblok - Model T - Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants

    The TopolWater company ensures high quality on the outflow (values BSK5 under 15 mg/l), nitrification, de-nitrification and the partial removal of phosphorus.

  • INVENT Umwelt-und Verfahrenstechnik AG

    based in Erlangen, GERMANY.

    INVENT Umwelt-und Verfahrenstechnik AG

    INVENT develops, produces and globally implements innovative components, systems and processes for the treatment of water and wastewater. INVENT focuses on applications in the municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment. INVENT Umwelt- ...

    E-FLEX-Float - Aaeration System

    E-FLEX-Float - Aaeration System

    E-FLEX- FLOAT is the floating version of our proven E-FLEX- Aaeration System. It is mainly used for aerated wastewater ponds or lagoon tanks with plastic liner, earthen basins with natural sealing, natural ponds and lakes and all aerated tanks, ...

  • Permastore Limited

    based in Eye, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Permastore Limited

    Permastore Limited is a UK registered Company established since 1959 providing substantial experience in the engineering and manufacture of bolted modular tanks & silos. Internationally recognised as the world’s leading dedicated ...

    Potable Water Solutions

    Potable Water Solutions

    FUSION tanks are globally accepted for use with potable water.

  • Raschig USA Inc.

    based in Arlington, TEXAS (USA).

    Raschig USA Inc.

    Raschig USA Inc. is a manufacturer of fixed film products for attached growth biological treatment of wastewater. These products include trickling filter (biotower, nitrification, etc.) media, moving bed biological reactor (MBBR/IFAS) media, ...

    Raschig KOMPAKT - Tubular Block Media For Submerged Fixed Bed Systems

    Raschig KOMPAKT - Tubular Block Media For Submerged Fixed Bed Systems

    Modular media consisting of extruded HDPE. tubes which are heat welded into rugged blocks. Vertical tube orientation resists plugging of biomass. Improved treatment efficiency due to. 3-dimensional openness of media which. promotes complete mixing ...

  • CRS Industrial Water Treatment Systems

    based in Sydney, AUSTRALIA.

    CRS Industrial Water Treatment Systems

    CRS Water (“CRS”) is an Australian-owned engineering and technology company specialising in the design, manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance of turnkey water and wastewater treatment plants. We have developed a strong reputation for ...

    Conventional Activated Sludge Plant

    Conventional Activated Sludge Plant

    CRS’s conventional activated sludge plants (CASP) use a combination of traditional biological processes and modern technologies to remove the unwanted components and to produce an effluent that is lower in BOD, COD, nitrogen and phosphorous.

  • Biothane - Veolia Water Technologies

    based in Delft, NETHERLANDS.

    Biothane - Veolia Water Technologies

    Biothane is one of the world`s leading companies in the field of biological treatment of industrial wastewater. We have a portfolio of highly effective technologies that can be applied in a vast variety of sectors and installations. With more than ...

    Biothane - Conventional Activated Sludge System

    Biothane - Conventional Activated Sludge System

    The conventional activated sludge system comprises an aeration tank and a clarifier. Aerobic biomass degrades COD in the aeration tank. The mixed liquor (ML) in the clarifier is separated into a water phase and a concentrated ML by sedimentation. ...

  • Salher

    based in Madrid, SPAIN.


    Salher is a company with almost 40 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants, purification plants, grey water reuse systems, hydrocarbon separators, as well as accessories for wastewater ...

    Model CHC-OXI - REC-A - Low Load Activated Sludge WWTP

    Model CHC-OXI - REC-A - Low Load Activated Sludge WWTP

    WWTP by low-load activated sludge (extended aeration) with settling tank, submerged aerator and sludge return system.

  • Wettech Africa Ltd

    Wettech Africa is Setting New Trends in Urban Wastewater Collection & TreatmentWe offer insightful and custom-made designs for Waste WaterWe do not sell a product, we offer a SOLUTION, because each CLIENT is DIFFERENT and each SITUATIONS is UNIQUE


    The company G. NATSIKAS & SIA EE with distinctive title EUROTECO was established in the year 1993 and has trace out a successful route in the field of environment holding a long term experience in the supply of integrated technological solutions in ...

  • EMO Company

    Leader in the design and the manufacturing of equipment for drinking water, wastewater and sludge treatment, EMO is present on the 5 continents. EMO developed a whole range of products and tied partnerships which enabled her to become an inevitable ...

  • Bean Wizard Solutions Inc.

    Bean Wizard assists companies in the key areas of business development/sales and cash flow management. There is a growing need for business and financial specialists that can help small and medium sized companies focus on their core strengths. ...

  • Premier Tech Aqua

    based in Rivière-du-Loup, QUEBEC (CANADA).

    Premier Tech Aqua

    For more than 90 years, Premier Tech has been building its know-how and reputation on the diversity and technological expertise of its 3,600 team members located all around the world. As one of Premier Tech’s business units for over 20 years, ...

    Atara – Static Aerator

    Atara – Static Aerator

    Premier Tech Aqua’s Aerated Lagoon process uses artificial earth lagoons to treat wastewater naturally, using bacteria, light, and algae to restore acceptable levels of organic matter. Our system uses the static ATARA concept (energy savings) ...

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